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Dominic Johnson was christened with the initials D & J and has lived out that prophecy on dancefloors across the country. A DJ with a wealth of experience and his fair share of stories Dominic is prouder though of the collective that he has formed, Likeminded Music is a community of DJs, musicians and music lovers that unite and delight in events organised across Kent and beyond.

Likeminded Music has been putting on events for thirteen years now as Dom recollects “our first event was in Margate many years ago in the old DV8 nightclub and we have been lucky enough to host all over Kent and England and beyond with over 60+ events under our belt”. The reasons behind the longevity of Likeminded Music is the variety of acts, from DJs across the spectrum house music, as well as the mentality of the people that are proud to attend under the mantra ‘Likeminded Music for likeminded people’.

On September 3rd a special night at the rampant and joyous Ramsgate Music Hall beckons as Likeminded Music rave in the name of the Pilgrims. Dom warns those attending to “expect a real carnival atmosphere as we dedicate our dance moves to the worthy Pilgrims Hospice”.

CommunityAd had the pleasure of chatting to Dominic Johnson about why we all need to support independent venues, how much he’s looking forward to seeing some old faces and the importance of the Pilgrims Hospice.

What makes this night in September special?

“The charity fundraiser events are an annual occasion for Likeminded Music and with recent events charities are struggling more than ever. We’re proud to support such a worthy cause as the work they do at the Hospice and the environment they create, with such compassion, is beyond what you could ever expect! Everything we raise goes straight to the Margate Hospice and were so happy we can help them with some much-needed funds”.

Why is it charity that matters to you?

“It may sound cliché but I feel strongly about everyone trying to do what they can for the community no matter how small. With work and family commitments it can be difficult to do as much as I would like but the Annual Fundraiser has become a part of my year and the work that goes into these events is more than worth it”.

I bet you are looking forward to seeing some old faces and fellow DJs after such a long absence? And some of the crowd to?

“The crowd and supporters have always been at the heart of all events and we always openly welcome old supporters and new. With such a hard couple of years behind us connecting with Likeminded people is important now, more than ever! Many of the DJ’s have become great friends with myself and each other. We sadly lost one of the collective a few years back to cancer. His last days were with the hospice and he is always in my thoughts for the Pilgrims fundraiser events”.

It’s obviously been a tough time for independent venues like Ramsgate Music Hall why are they so crucial to Thanet’s music scene? And why should we be supporting small independent venues?

“Ramsgate Music Hall is without a doubt one of the best small music venues in the area and my top 5 in the country. Music Halls were a staple for the UK from the 1800’s. With large and expensive venues and theatres they were a way for the everyday person to be able to afford accessible musical entertainment. This gem in Ramsgate was saved and brought right up to date. They music may have changed and the equipment brought right up to date, but the message and community purpose remains the same”.

Why should readers get a ticket, what’s in store for them?

“We have some of our best DJ’s playing who have been hand selected based on the quality and variety of their house music. We have everything from Funky sounds to Afro Beats, Tech House to Techno. As well as support from live percussionist and local legend Rich Rhythms and saxophonist Tasty Sax. Expect a real carnival atmosphere as we dedicate our dance moves to the worthy Pilgrims Hospice”.

There’s never been a better excuse to dance until the early hours has there? You can justify this session as your charity work and feel all the better for it. Tickets are available now via the links at the foot of this article and they are fast selling so snap them up now. Dominic who clearly care for the charity asks readers “If you can’t make it please still show support to the hospice and donate directly via the internet or one of their many collection pots in the community”.

At the end of our interview Dominic transcends from DJ to philosopher with this nugget of wisdom “A community that supports each other is a community who can move forward together, re connect and heal” which here at CommunityAd we complete endorse.


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