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Ageless Thanet is one of 14 projects nationally, all funded through The National Lottery Community Fund’s ‘Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better’ programme. In 2015, we successfully secured £3 million over 5 years to reduce social isolation and loneliness, improve mental and physical health in older people and make Thanet a great place to grow older.

The Partnership

Ageless Thanet is led by Social Enterprise Kent, and funded by The National Lottery Community Fund’s ‘Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better’ programme. The project runs until Summer 2020.

The core partnership of Ageless Thanet consists of Action with Communities in Rural Kent, Thanet Citizens Advice, Red Zebra, Thanet Community Development Trust, University of Kent and Your Leisure. Each of these organisations is contracted by Social Enterprise Kent to deliver specific parts of the Ageless Thanet project. By contracting high-quality, trusted and experienced local organisations, working in partnership, Social Enterprise Kent aims to make the biggest, most positive impact possible with the funding received.

Social Enterprise Kent work with a wide variety of partners across all sectors. We are very lucky to have a strong and varied wider partnership of organisations and individuals from all sectors who have supported, helped, got involved and shown interest throughout the Ageless Thanet Project, these include:

Kent County Council, Thanet District Council, Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group, Turner Contemporary, The Dreamland Trust, Margate Task Force, Pilgrims Hospice, Broadstairs Town Shed, Department for Work and Pensions,  ABC – A Better Cliftonville, BIG Local Newington.

Our Age-Friendly Business scheme helps promote businesses across Thanet that are working hard for Thanet’s older people. By working with businesses and helping them become more age-friendly, we are making Thanet an even better place to grow older. If you see a business displaying our logo, you’ll know they are part of our scheme. This means they’re making an effort to meet the needs of older people and offering rewards / incentives to people 50+ as part of their commitment to older customers. Click on the ‘Reward Card request’ button to get your FREE Reward Card. Please note, you must be 50+ and a Thanet resident. Alternatively, you can call the office on 01843 210005 to apply for your card.

Local Businesses:

With over 54,500 people aged 50+ living in Thanet, there’s never been a better time for local businesses to tap into this expanding consumer market, expand your customer base and increase your bottom line, all whilst doing something fantastic for older residents!

The great news is that signing up as an Age-Friendly Business is FREE and grants access to:

  • Access to help from our very own Age-Friendly Adviser
  • Free marketing through our app, website and social media
  • Displaying our ‘Age-Friendly Business’ logo
  • A new customer base for your business!

Find out more about becoming an Age-Friendly Business

To get involved, call: 07551 725 383

or e-mail:

[email protected]

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