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A bit about Frimley & Villages

Frimley is a small town in the west of Surrey, with a population of 6,178 (2011 Census).

The name Frimley is derived from the Saxon name Fremma’s Lea, which means “ Fremma’s clearing”. Traditionally a farming village, Frimley was owned by Benedictine Monostary Chertsey Abbey from 673 to 1537.

Incredibly, in 1799, Frimley had a Lunatic Asylum, catering to both males and females and in 1807, magistrates ordered the owners to stop chaining patients.

There are a number of schools in Frimley, including The Grove Primary School, Lakeside Primary School, Ravenscote Junior School, Tomlinscote School and St Augustine’s RC Primary School.

Notable residents of Frimley include former rugby player Jonny Wilkinson, folk-musician Lucy Rose, British Paralympic sprinter John McFall and former cricketeer James Cobbett among many more.

Frimley has also received various literary mentions in books such as Just William, Stephen King’s Nightmares & Dreamscapes and Charles Kingsley’s 1850 novel Alton Locke.

In sport, Frimley Town Football Club was formed over 100 years ago and runs four teams with the first team competing in the Senior Division of the Aldershot & District Football League. Neighbouring village Frimley Green has also hosted the BDO (British Darts Organisation) World Professional Darts Championships every January since 1986 in the Lakeside Complex.

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