Community Ad is an independent publishing company based in South East Kent which specialises in the publication of Parish, Council, and Community Magazines.

Our magazines are tailor made to each community, hand delivered through the doors in each area and is widely used as a point of reference for the locals- proving to be an invaluable link between the local authority and the community.

What do the councils we work with think?


‘I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Matthew – he’s doing a great job for us, checking and co-ordinating the content of the magazine – I’ve been very impressed! It’s good to have someone in that role who is proactive, especially as there is quite a lot of time pressure as we get towards the final version. Long may it continue!’

Broomfield Parish Council


‘We were, as always, very pleased with the last issue of our Hamsey News and many thanks for managing to deliver a day early. That really helped.Very happy that we no longer spend over 12 hours setting out the magazine in house, happy that our requests are always listened to, and happy that the team are always very helpful. Highly recommend Community Ad.’

Hamsey Parish Council


‘I have been editing the Ramsgate Community Ad Magazine for many years now; it has been a privilege to work with and alongside Community Ad to produce so many magazines, which benefit Ramsgate Town.

Every magazine we create gets better and better, be it either through content or design, it is testimony to the creative team who design and format the magazine and the friendly customer service that we receive along the way, guiding us through every magazine.

Community Ad has helped Ramsgate Town Council inform the community of local news, events and updates within the area, something which previously was not in place. I would recommend Community Ad to anyone wishing to reach out to his or her community. I have recommended Community Ad to other local Parish councils as a way of contacting their community.

I look forward to working on many future magazines with Community Ad, thank you for all your support and help.’

Ramsgate Town Council


‘The owner of the company has worked tirelessly to make sure that the Magazine is a success, the team do a fantastic job in designing the magazine. I would recommend Community Ad as the introduction of this magazine has helped to bring the Community together, giving the various voluntary groups an opportunity to work more closely together and raise awareness within our Community of the excellent work that is taking place. The Community has ended up with an interesting and informative publication that isn’t thrown away as soon as it drops through the door. The feedback we have received has been nothing but positive and is greatly valued in the Community.’

Tupton Parish Council


‘We recommend Community Ad as we have had a positive feedback with regards to the magazine and the team are always very helpful.’

Hellingly Parish Council


‘Community Ad are very flexible and allow the Parish Council to supply various articles. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide a forum for the local clubs and community groups to promote themselves. We think their flexibility and ability to make some of our more amateur efforts look good has taken the pressure off the Parish Office as we aren’t particularly experienced in this area in our office. Comments from Parishioners have been good and we get plenty of compliments because the content is varied and colourful.’

Old Basing & Lychpit Parish Council


‘We consult with Community Ad with regards to articles and the layout of our Parish Magazine until we are happy with the version to be signed off for printing. We absolutely recommend Community Ad, the team are very hard-working, professional and motivated and the owner dedicates her time to making the Magazine a success. We work extremely well with Community Ad and value their expertise when it comes to layout and design. Community Ad offer an excellent service as they undertake everything. All good feedback from parishioners who like the style and content and are now looking out for their copy.’

Galleywood Parish Council


‘We have our Magazines produced by Community Ad and we are very pleased with the result. I have found it a pleasure to work with Community Ad as the process is clear and all agreed deadlines are delivered to.  The parish council supply content and discusses the final draft and Community Ad is always accommodating of any changes that we make along the way. I would recommend Community Ad without hesitation as we have received a very professionally produced product.’

St Nicholas at Wade and Sarre


‘We are big supporters of what Community Ad do and have recommended them to a number of other councils.’

Wivelsfield Parish Council


“Thanks for the discussion. Well done with the sorting. Look forward to seeing it in print and getting the news out there. Well done all of you, thanks very much.”

Birchington Parish Council Magazine


“I have had a look through and it looks great. Thank you very much.”

Folkestone Town Council Magazine


‘We would recommend Community Ad and are wholly in support of what they offer and provide, and the printed product is great. Working with Community Ad we are kept in close communication and get to sign off on every issue. Our parishioners have given very strong positive feedback that the magazine is a good and helpful thing. We would also like to add that we have quite a lot of elderly parishioners who do not access the internet, where most of our information is posted. They really do find the magazine a helpful resource and reference.’

Unstone Parish Council

Council Clerks, if you are interested in having your council magazine produced and distributed to all homes within your area then please get in contact with us on [email protected] or alternatively give us a call on 01843 834160, there are a variety of options which can be explored to help your council.


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