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Honestly, it feels like the Easter break has only just been and gone (it has since the last blog haha) and now we are looking at more time off in the form of a four-day Bank Holiday weekend for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee!

I think it’s safe to say holiday season is officially in full-swing!

Holidays are important, especially with how busy it has been for CommunityAd lately – a long bank-holiday is greatly welcomed and appreciated by all of us in the office!

I say holidays are appreciated but it always seems so bittersweet for us because when you work in the world of publishing you’ll know that having a break from work unfortunately means you’ve still got to get the same amount of work completed but in a fraction of the time – I’m not joking when I tell you… you don’t want to be in our production department on a day when multiple magazines are due for print! Emotions and stress levels are high and that’s precisely why holidays are so important, mentally and physically we can all benefit from some time off to help us all reduce stress and increase productivity! With that being said, I hope everyone is looking forward to the Bank Holiday Jubilee celebrations and that you’ve all got something exciting planned – if not be sure to check out our website for what’s on in Kent, Essex, Sussex, and Hampshire!


Here at CommunityAd we work hard to play hard – as always, our editorial are busy as ever getting all the content ready for a constant and growing range of magazines. For our first-ever Fleet CommunityAd magazine, Matt was thrilled to speak to a local legend, the all-time record appearance holder and goal scorer of Fleet Town FC, Mr Mark Frampton.

Registering 428 games and scoring 250 goals for The Blues, Mark reminisces on his fantastic career including his most memorable goals, favourite pitches he graced and early beginnings in the beautiful game.

Callum spent some time talking to the incredibly hardworking Fleet-based charity, DogsnHomes, who have been sending volunteers to and from the border of Ukraine to deliver much needed supplies such as pet food, beds, blankets and medicine. DogsnHomes set up a fundraising page which, with the help of the community, has raised over £9,800 and still counting, to find out how you can support this charity make your way over to @DogsnHomes on Facebook today.

Alice spent their week deep in fantastical lands, exploring how Whitstable might be closer than expected to the desert planet Arrakis from Frank Herbert’s science fiction epic Dune. If you wanted to learn how a humble lugworm from Whitstable’s sandy beaches is just as amazing (dare we say, maybe more amazing?) than Arrakis’ giant sandworms, then keep your eyes open for the exclusive article on CommunityAd’s website.

Dave went to the Bridge Farmers Market last month, where he was treated like a local and given an all access tour by photographers and regular magazine contributors Sharon and Amanda or Shamanda as their known in the village. The Bridge Farmers Market is a marvellous little morning out and one that we fully recommend readers attending and good news you can do so this weekend. Tomorrow morning Shamanda and the gang will be setting up in the Red Lion’s carpark, so if you fancy some fresh produce and some friendly chit chat, set your alarms and head to beautiful Bridge.


Life has pretty much returned ‘back to normal’ in the office after the pandemic, as normal as can be anyway (according to ONS statistics a large proportion of the population feel life will never return to normal ever again! – that’s crazy isn’t it?)

There seems to be a new kind of normality for all of us, despite the cost of living having increased drastically – our appreciation for life, time spent with others socialising and the importance of spending local has also increased. We have seen a big increase in local businesses looking to advertise in our magazines the past few months – I think partly due to the fact that the pandemic has made so many of us understand the importance of spending local and supporting local- so many small local businesses have had to cease trading as a result of the pandemic- so now people are eager to work harder and get business growing again and in front of the right audience!

The shift in buying behaviours and the attitude towards advertising is precisely why we recently exhibited at Kent Vision Live which took place at the Kent Event Centre. Myself, Matthew, Kat and Donna thoroughly enjoyed the early networking breakfast (despite the 4am alarm) and went on to have a very lovely day interacting and building relationships with everyone that came to visit us at our stand. It has been so long since we’ve been out in the public networking, building our brand presence and raising awareness of all the ways in which we help local communities come together. I think the feeling was mutual for all businesses exhibiting at the show, there was definitely a buzz about the air with visitors and exhibitors alike looking forward to having meaningful conversations with each other having survived the pandemic!


In other news, some recent changes we’ve seen in the office is a switch-up of our working environment to a brighter and more bigger working spaces for all! Also change wise our fabulous sales manager Kat has now moved over to digital sales and is doing absolutely amazing helping our customers with their digital marketing needs. If you’re thinking about advertising online but not sure where to start make sure to give Kat a call! Obviously Kat’s move from print sales to digital sales now means our wonderful boss Kelly is now back on the sales floor – and with great success too! The Sales team have over-exceeded team target this week and we have now finished work for the week! Home early to prepare for our long weekend! A huge well-done to the sales team for smashing it as always!

Now that we are all done with work for the week we are off to the pub for a team drink. If you find yourself enjoying the hot weather this weekend but not coping with the heat then be sure to check out our lovely dog-friendly summer snacks article our lovely Kelly recently put together! Let us know your favourite treat!

Also, now we’re in June, for those that aren’t aware – the monthly money-saving mail-out for June is now out for both Thanet AND Canterbury! Sign up here for Thanet and here for Canterbury so you’ll get the offers straight to your inbox every month! So here it is, make sure to take advantage of the fantastic offers! That’s another blog written, just in time for celebrations, over and out, until next time guys!


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