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Dog friendly summer snacks – you can eat too!

Dog friendly Summer Treats

The typically British weather has had us feeling more than a bit confused lately with its unpredictable nature. However, when it’s hot, IT’S HOT! 

With that in mind we have put together a little dog friendly list of scrumptious snacks that are not only CommunityAd approved, but they’re also pooch approved! Safe for your furry friend, and you too!


Frozen Peanut Butter Treats

We’ve got not one, but two dog friendly options for your peanut butter loving pooch!

If you’re after something that is going to both occupy and satisfy your dog, then why not try and hide some peanut butter inside a hole filled toy and freeze the lot?

This will not only help to cool down your dog, but they’ll also be kept busy retrieving their treasure from inside the toy!


If you’re after something easier that you can grab on the go (and can also be enjoyed by humans!), then frozen peanut butter dipped fruit slices are the one for you.

Try apples, bananas or melons for a variety of fruity treats your dog will love!

This is the absolute winner in dog-friendly summer snacks.


Summer Smoothies

Everyone loves a refreshing smoothie, don’t they?

Well did you know that when made correctly, your dog can enjoy one too?

Use fruits such as apples, bananas, berries, melon or coconut. Just be sure to take the time to strain your smoothie.

Those pesky pips and seeds can be toxic and we don’t want a poorly puppy so steer clear of grapes, raisins and avocados!

Add flavour and create a creamier consistency by including a small amount of nut butter or plain yoghurt. Cow or goat’s milk can also be given in small quantities.


Delightfully Fruity Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen yoghurt is by no means a new thing, but did you know that it’s one you can share with your dog?

Mix your fruit of choice (we reckon strawberries would be delicious here) with Greek or plain yoghurt before freezing into cute shapes using a mould of your choice, though bones would work kind of wonderfully, wouldn’t they?

Sharing is caring with these handy treats that’ll beat the heat!


Just in case you didn’t plan on sharing your snacks with the furriest member of your household, here are some heat beating treats that neither of you will have to share with our selection of snacks specifically for your dog OR you…


Dog friendly summer snacks…


Frozen Broth

The above treats are all great and sugary sweet, but maybe your pooch would prefer something savoury?

How about some frozen meat broth? We’re all trying to be more environmentally conscious so it’s the ideal way of using up those leftovers!

just be sure to check that it doesn’t contain flavourings such as garlic which might make your puppy poorly.


We All Scream For No Cream Ice-Cream!

Cream is a big no-no for our pups as it is high in fat which can cause nasty bloating and gas, we don’t want an uncomfortable doggy!

At the same time we don’t want them to miss out, do we? You can always mix plain yoghurt with peanut butter and bananas which will form a smooth consistency when blended.

It’s not exactly the same but the frozen mixture certainly gives dog friendly sundae vibes and your dog will love it!


Just for you…


Watermelon Popsicles

Looking for something light and refreshing? Try these easy watermelon popsicles!

All you need is some watermelon (obviously) with the seeds removed, sugar and lime juice.

Chuck it all in a blender and away you go. All that’s left to do is pour it into a mould of your choice and freeze.

Skip the sugar for a super healthy summer snack that’ll have you cooled down in no time!



We’re not even going to try and convince you that this one is healthy. It’s not, and that’s ok! It’s called a treat for a reason.

This decadent delight is the perfect after-dinner snack for the whole family and all you need are two things. A packet of cookies and some vanilla ice-cream!

Sandwich the ice-cream between two cookies and you’ve got yourself a heat beating Ore-Uh-Oh (see what we did there).

It’s not the lightest dessert, but it sure is delicious!


All that’s left to do is cross your fingers for a scorching summer full of fun and frozen treats!

Don’t forget your sunscreen and water!

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