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Life at CommunityAd – Feeling warm and snuggly!

Feeling warm and snuggly

When it’s cold and wet outside (like it has been this week), I think it’s true to say the majority of us look forward to staying indoors so we can feel warm and snuggly. Our week has been warm and snuggly in the office BUT it’s not to do with the fact there has been rain, but because of the fantastic people we are working with… I work with such lovely people- colleagues and customers included!


To start with, our wonderful boss Kelly is now back from her well-earned break, feeling rested, recharged and definitely looking a lot browner! Kelly’s return this week has been wonderful and although she has been rushed off her feet catching up with everyone, she has taken time to make it very clear that she thinks all the staff are fantastic- I’d have to agree…how warm and snuggly this makes us all feel! Now that Kelly has had a nice rest from the business it means we must have some exciting plans to embrace soon! We are all looking forward to completing this year now to welcome next year’s plans for the business and until then, there are definitely excited talks in preparation for the company famous annual Christmas competition and Christmas party!


Our admin girls have been very busy this week as Aimee has taken a week’s holiday to recover from her 30th birthday celebrations. Despite how busy the girls are, they have also been in very high spirits because of some fantastic reviews that have been left for us. Customers have left Rachel and Chloe feeling warm and snuggly and extremely loved as they have taken the time to send lovely words over. Check out the reviews on our Facebook here and on Google here.


Well-done to Claire in our sales team who has had her best ever week in sales since she has joined us. We hope your success this week has made you feel warm and snuggly! Advertising sales has been a triumph as always with plenty of new businesses joining us with their advertising needs. A huge welcome to the 50+ NEW businesses that have become new advertisers with us just this week! Great to have you join our family!


Editorial experienced a rather prickly albeit warm and snuggly week as Alice spoke to Gabbi Simpson who runs the Wrens Hill Hedgehog Rescue in Faversham and learned what flavour of cat biscuits are a hedgehog’s favourite. Coincidentally, this Tuesday after getting his once weekly 5aside exercise in, Matt popped to the local shop where he spotted a friendly fellow shuffling next to him which only turned out to be……a hedgehog. The hedgehogs must be looking forward to their mention in our upcoming Faversham CommunityAd Magazine!

Whilst many may argue that it’s far too early, Dave got in the Christmas spirit, popped his Santa hat on, shouted ‘Alexa play Christmas songs….loudly’ before slipping into a creative coma, writing an article that explored alternatives to Turkey, which might come in useful as shortages of the traditional bird continue to get the headlines. Dave like many concludes the real (tur)Key to Christmas is not what you eat but who you spend it with…… that’s why he’ll be spending it alone (scrooge!)

With our next Thanet magazine around the corner, Matt has brought back the ‘Why I love Margate’ series, featuring former Blue Peter presenter and double world record holder Ayo Akinlowere. Ayo discusses his most memorable career moments to date, future projects and the attraction that made him move…down to Margate!

To print this week has been Braintree, Springfield and Ramsgate so do look forward to these coming through your door soon!


The weekend is here now, I’m well into my overtime writing this blog whilst my colleagues (who all dashed off bang on 3pm) are probably sat in a local pub right now enjoying their third pint! It’s time for me to clock off now, here’s to hoping you all have a fantastic weekend feeling warm and snuggly like we have been!



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