Wren Healthcare ready for take off after award of CQC Certification

Wren Healthcare has opened an office at Discovery Park with a range of services that will complement the site’s reputation as a leading collaborative space, which supports the complete journey science companies take to get new drugs to market.

The new clinical homecare provider delivers nursing and educational support across a broad spectrum of therapy areas – with the founders experienced in design and facilitation of training programmes for clinicians administering new treatments.

It is an exciting time for the company, not only for joining Discovery Park’s 150+ multi-business campus. This month Wren Healthcare was awarded Care Quality Commission (CQC) certification, allowing the firm to launch patient treatment.

Increasingly patients are treated for diseases via targeted therapy at home, over invasive surgery in hospital – yet, there is a lack of skilled clinicians to support administration and education. This is where Wren Healthcare step up to the mark.

With CQC certification in place Wren Healthcare will now fully operate their services, allowing the company put its business plan – which has been 12 months in the making – into motion.

The team of four, which is now set to rapidly expand with both onsite and field-based staff, has previous experience in clinically managing contracts for pharmaceutical projects from the inception, through to services becoming operational.

Iain Campbell, Director of Nursing, Wren Healthcare said: “It’s fantastic that we’re now CQC registered – and very timely. There is a huge drive for the NHS at the moment to provide a lot of the services that we’re offering into the community, such as the specialist care which will be delivered by our clinical nursing team.

“In addition to the patient support and treatment, we also provide clinical education – when a drug company proposes a new treatment program, we’ll map it all out for them. This means working on the policies, procedures, protocols, employing and training the nurses and managing the programme ensuring patient safety and clinical excellence are met.

The Wren Healthcare leadership team feels the provision of a quality healthcare service is not solely physical, they are committed to improving mental well-being across the healthcare industry.

“In particular, both the NHS and the government are keen to raise more awareness of mental health issues. We have just contracted a mental wellness team that will be offering mental health First Aid wellness courses, training, consultancy and counselling – which will be rolled out into the workplace, helping both the individual and the organisation.”

Being a company that partners with the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, basing Wren Healthcare made Discovery Park the perfect location as Iain explains:

“Discovery Park has gone above and beyond all our expectations. We were initially impressed with the office facilities but it is the onsite infrastructure that has wowed us.

“We are working with so many tenants onsite – for example, Project Fusion provide our secure data transfer service, and they’re fantastic. All our telephones and mobile technology is provided onsite. We’re heavily involved with the Chamber of Commerce, who are based just over the corridor from us – they actually gave us a bottle of champagne when we received our CQC certification. Everything you need is right here.

“Even better, being around all these like-minded people really inspires me to work harder and achieve bigger things. Seeing how successful so many of the businesses here onsite are is massively influential and I love the collaborative nature of the site – it’s fantastic.

“Aside from that, Discovery Park suits us very well on a practical level. We have a fairly small office for now, but I can hire out any of the training rooms or the board rooms when I’m running a training session. In addition, it’s great to know that we have the option to move into a bigger office when required – as we will be expanding very quickly.

“Success for the company will be to consistently support every patient we come into contact with their individual treatment pathways, and being recognised as one of the most clinically effective homecare providers in the UK.

“My personal mark of success is to have employed as many specialist nurses, and helped as many patients as possible, with these amazing treatments. The more people we can educate, the more patients lives we can change. That’s why I do this – it sounds cheesy, but I really want to make a difference and to help as many people as I can.”


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