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Sound Advice at Eat Plant Cafe, Chelmsford

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Eat Plant Cafe has teamed up with Claire Evans who owns the Centre of Wellbeing in Sawbridgeworth: a healing centre that teaches many different therapeutics.

Claire herself specialises in working with people who have experienced different levels of mental health.

Claire has created the idea of a pop up SOUND ADVICE CAFE because she knows that well-being is essential. SOUND ADVICE CAFE enables people to connect with one another taking them out of a busy, noisy world into a place of calm, love and relaxation.

Claire opens Eat Plant to provide a space to:

  • Meet
  • Chat
  • Connect
  • a space to be yourself and just be.

You are welcome to pop in and just be here EVERYONE is welcome to drop in and chat and make new friends.


Eat Plant Cafe’s Story

We both believe that making decisions is about following our intuition. When I was diagnosed with cancer in July 2016 it felt right to listen to my inner voice and make the decision to say no to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. To fight for my life in a natural way. 

Together we went on a journey of discovery.

We learned about the power of nutrition to impact the health of our cells and so in the kitchen we found a passion for creating healthy food that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Steve has always loved desserts and created recipes that are so scrumptious, all whole food plant based, that he puts a lot of love into. He has an scientific background and sees ingredients as a chemistry set (How cute is that). 

We also learned how science has shown that some essential oils have chemical compounds that cause apoptosis, which means cell death, in cancer cells… Read more.


Location: Eat Plant Cafe, 89 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, CM2 0JF
From: 18 October 2020 17:00 To : 18 October 2020 18:30
Location: Eat Plant Cafe, 89 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, CM2 0JF
Cost: FREE

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