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Please contact us to find out whether the Relaxation Hour is running during the Coronavirus outbreak. You can email [email protected].

Advance booking for this weekly session is free, but we ask you to pay £7 on arrival per session, some of which is donated to the New Forest Birth Centre for the use of the room.

Pregnancy Relaxation Hour is a weekly pregnancy relaxation class just for pregnant women. We start with a chat and an opportunity for you to share how you’re feeling or any news you may have, or just to have your pregnancy, birth or parenting-related questions answered. We then move on to a lovely long relaxation/hypnosis session (hypnobirthing). Often the theme is related to whatever comes up during our earlier discussion. Regular attendance is best if at all possible because repetition reinforces the benefits but if you’ve left it late you will be just as welcome.

It doesn’t matter where you’re planning to have your baby; if you’re pregnant, you’re welcome to attend.

Please bring a couple of cushions and maybe a light blanket so you can get as comfortable as possible for the relaxation session. If you have a yoga mat you might like to bring it to lie down on. If you don’t have a mat don’t let it stop you coming as we do have some mats you can borrow.

If you’re considering our 2-day hypnobirthing & active birth antenatal course for you and your birth partner, this can be a good way to dip a toe in, see if you like us and if you think we’re a good fit to work together. We think our 2-day antenatal hypnobirthing course is comprehensive, useful and highly applicable and practical. We want you to feel confident that you are making a sound investment of your time and money, so come and meet us and have a chat!

Sessions are run by either Zana Parker or Barbara Wyant who are well-qualified and highly experienced Antenatal Educators as well as Hypnobirthing Teachers with additional qualifications between them in Midwifery, Counselling and Hypnotherapy.

(This is not a substitute for our 2-day hypnobirthing course, which will more fully prepare you and your birth partner to feel more confident, well-informed and, most importantly, skilled to deal with birth, however and wherever it happens on the day.)

There are multiple dates for this event, which can be found here.

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From: 28 September 2020 19:15 To : 28 September 2020 20:15
Location: New Forest Birth Centre, Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst, SO40 7AR
Cost: FREE

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