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New take on Christmas, but the same magical experience!


In Chelmsford, we are always looking to put the safety of our residents and visitors at the forefront of what we do, especially during such unprecedented times as this. So, it is for their safety and others, that Christmas in Chelmsford this year will be a little different from what we are all used to.

Staying in line with government guidance is imperative, therefore the One Chelmsford BID has made the executive decision to not hold a physical event in the city for the Christmas light switch on. Where there would normally be a big celebration full of families and friends, we need to put the safety of everyone first. However, at Chelmsford For You we still want to honour this festive occasion, so we will be doing a virtual Christmas light switch on instead.

We understand that for a lot of people, this will be a disappointment as it is such a great family day out and even a tradition for some, however we hope that our online event will make up the difference. This will be taking place on Sunday 22nd November and residents can still plan to enjoy all the day’s usual festivities, but in the warmth of their cosy homes.

We welcome everyone to stay tuned for a full programme of what exciting things we have planned and to find out how they can get involved too!

On another note, we are excited to announce that we will be running the CM1STMAS Community Awards once again after the amazing success we had last year. We look froward to seeing the nominees and to show off the pride and joy of the Chelmsford area. At a time, such as this, we find community to be more important than ever and we know that this will be a great opportunity to bring us closer together (yet socially distanced!) for a great cause.

Chelmsford is still very much open to all and for Christmas. We are working endlessly on creating a magical festive season that brings everyone joy, while ensuring everybody’s safety at the same time.

Further information on our Christmas festivities will be available very soon over at www.chelmsfordforyou.co.uk

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