Life at CommunityAd – It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Life at CommunityAd - it's beginning to look a lot like

The countdown has officially begun and it’s beginning to look a lot like…the end of the year here at CommunityAd! My colleagues are running around like headless chickens, typing furiously on the computer and screaming in excitement as each magazine goes to print which means we are another step closer to finishing with our work for Christmas!

This time of the year is known notoriously for being the busiest and most manic time of the year for us – we all have to work extra hard at closing sales for each of our titles and preparing all our books for print before we shut down on the 17th! With that all being said, don’t for a second think we aren’t having a good time in the process, the CommunityAd team are all looking forward to a well-earned 2 week break for the festive season!


When you join the CommunityAd family it is not long before you realise that there are only two important dates in a year for our Georgia. Obviously the most important date is her birthday in March, but second to that is Christmas – so to no surprise Georgia has fully immersed herself into the Christmas spirit and created this wonder of a Christmas tree complete with Quality Streets, polar bears, chocolate baubles and STICKS OF ROCK?!? (pictured below) which rather looks like someone has thrown up over it minus the faces of the lovely Glynne and Niki. Can’t go wrong with a tacky tree can you, especially when it’s baby Niki we’ve got as the angel on the top! It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our office! Let’s hope the chocolate baubles remain on the tree until we break up for Christmas, although it’s not looking very likely at this rate…especially in a room full of women who love chocolate!!

Kelly (who we all know by now to work at 100 miles per hour) is already thinking it’s beginning to look a lot like the New Year and is planning ahead for 2022. Last week she had the pleasure of attending The Great British Business Show at the London ExCel Centre to network with likeminded companies and learn from the industries best. This of course helped to inspire many new changes and developments in the business which are currently being discussed and will commence in the New Year to benefit our readers and advertisers alike! For those of you with feedback on the services in which CommunityAd offer then please do drop an email to me via [email protected] so we can ensure to progress the company with our customers in mind.


Our sales team have all been hard at work ensuring all our customers have got their advertising sorted for Christmas and beyond into the New Year. If you’re looking to sort out your advertising for 2022 now is the perfect time to get in touch to secure this years pricing for advertising! When it comes to our sales team, it’s very rare that we ever have a new starter in sales in the lead up to Christmas but a huge welcome to Ryan who has joined us at the most exciting time of the year!

Our Wheel of Fortune sales competition is now over so a huge congratulations to all the members that won a prize! Walking away from the competition the following members won the following prizes!!


Gary – Amazon Fire Stick, 10 scratch cards, £20 VUE cinema voucher, a huge sweet hamper, coffee machine and a full days holiday

Maria – Scratch cards, ½ day holiday, £20 Amazon voucher, 1L bottle of Vodka, 1L bottle of gin, Airfryer and an Amazon Alexa

Dom – Sound Bar, 1L bottle of Jägermeister, £20 Tesco voucher and 1L bottle of JD

James – Juice blender, £30 Just Eat voucher, Scratch cards

Claire – 1 hour lunch break and boss for the day!!

Molly – 4-in-1 snack maker

Well, done to all the winners, you’re all awesome!!

Now the Wheel of Fortune is over, in its place is now the final competition of the year with the most amazing prices up for grabs!


And to top it all off in sales, the cherry on the top is our wonderful Sarah in digital sales is in top form to reach her target earning her a lovely Christmas bonus! C’mon Sarah you can do it!

Meanwhile, in editorial…with the nation holding their breath in the hope that Christmas will not be cancelled due to the Covid-19 Omicron variant, Matt was able to take his mind away from the stresses and have a spiritual get away in the form of Herne Bay traveller Josiah Skeats. Josiah has had a staycation adventure to be proud of in 2021 and you can read all about it in our Herne Bay CommunityAd magazine.

It’s not every week you speak to a man who has run from Rome to Canterbury. Dave from Editorial… is very not that man, however, he did have the chance to chat with Dan Keeley for our Sevenoaks publication, who has made the pilgrimage from ‘Rome to Home’. Dan the endurance runner is an inspiring character and has a story that will stir emotion in most of our readers, if you can’t wait for the article check out his TED TALK below…


Keeping up with the pace, Callum was in the charitable spirit this week thanks to two Romney Marsh locals, Ben Turner and Paul Willis, who took part in a 227-mile run over a 7-day period, raising over £11,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. ‘Lulworth2Lydd’, as the challenge was named, totalled over 8 and a half marathons, big kudos to both Ben and Paul and the countless people who came to support them throughout.

Alice spoke to the Rangers at Bird Wise East Kent who work to protect the migratory birds along our Kent coastline. One of these birds is the turnstone (pictured), who is probably a familiar sight to people on our Thanet beaches. You can read the full interview in our upcoming Thanet magazine, as well as find out about an exciting competition Bird Wise are running with the Thanet Coast Project.


On top of all this, 19 magazines have gone to print in the past fortnight! We have just 10 working days left and 8 magazines left to print, it’s beginning to look a lot like we’re finished (near enough!)


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend till the next blog which will be our final one for the year!! (17th December!!)


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