The ladies of Faversham Rugby Club

Lou Taylor recently moved to Faversham, new to the area and not knowing anyone she decided to join the Faversham Rugby Club.

The effect was profound, “rugby has given me the friends I miss from home and made Faversham feel like home.” The club has brought her a sense of “health, happiness and community”. CommunityAd had the pleasure of speaking to some of the other ladies at the club and we can assure you that Lou is not alone in her thinking. 

Firstly, what’s your name and how long have you been involved with the club?

Hannah Dilloway. I joined Faversham Ladies in 2016 having never played before and not knowing a thing about rugby. It’s the best thing I have ever done!

Naomi Reene. This will be my second season with Faversham.

Sian Suter, and I have been involved with Faversham Rugby Club since I was born as my dad is one of the original founders. I have been involved with Faversham Ladies since we started approximately 5 years ago, however, due to previous injuries I have only been playing since June.


Women’s rugby is finally getting the coverage that it deserves and is proving very popular, what do you enjoy most about the sport?

HD: I love the empowerment that it gives me that I can do something that most people thought I couldn’t do. Women in sport in general are making more and more headlines now and its amazing to see. Rugby itself is great, there’s something incredible about being stuck in the middle of a ruck or winning a scrum – it’s a feeling you cannot beat. Being a part of the team is like having a 2nd family.

The girls are so supportive and are always trying to lift each other up both within the sport and in everyday life. The social side of rugby life is also very fun, we hold many events throughout the year as a team and as a club as a whole. Club dinner is the biggest at the end of each season where we have awards, a 3 course meal and a party, but we also do smaller events like “Charity Swap Shop” where we all go out but try and raise a bit of money for charities as well.

NR: It’s not just playing a game of rugby it’s the whole ethos of the team and club. If you’ve had a bad day you can turn up to training and leave with a massive smile on your face, everyone always builds each other up and the socials are really good!

SS: It’s such a team driven sport, the best part about it is the people you’re surrounded by. I have made some best friends for life since joining the team. It’s such a respectful sport and I think that important life skills are taught and enforced in men and women’s rugby.


What are your hopes for the new season?

HD: We’ve got so much planned for the coming season. The team has come so far in the past couple of years, developing the players that we have and welcoming so many new faces. This is the year that we show everyone what we can do and how hard we’ve worked. We already have a few friendly games lined up with other teams around the South East, with more in the pipeline.

NR: This season I hope we can carry on recruiting new players and be successful in our friendly matches that are already scheduled.

SS: My hopes are that we can prove ourselves as a team and after 5 years of trying, finally enter a league. It will be my first time actually playing in a rugby game so it’s a lifelong dream.



Where do you play and how can readers get involved?


HD: From September we will be training on a Tuesday night at The Abbey school on the 3G pitch from 8pm. If anyone wants to get involved, drop a message on one of the social media pages and someone will be in contact with all of the information that you need or just turn up on the night.

NR: [Follow us on] Faversham Ladies Rugby on Facebook or Instagram and come and have a go. I followed Faversham Ladies for about a year before I moved into the area, it really motivated me to get back into rugby.

SS: Faversham Ladies are currently training at the Abbey School on Tuesday Nights at 7pm. Literally just come along! No judgements.

What would you say to any readers who have a child/grandchild who are wrestling with the thought of giving rugby a go, why should they? What are the benefits?


HD: To anyone that has been thinking of joining the sport there are so many benefits to being involved within a sport like this.

You have the fitness side where you are pushing your self every week to be the best player you can be. Plus having a run around with a great group of people and laughing along the way makes everything easier.. You’re not just part of a group, your team becomes your family. Anything you need you know that someone will be there to help you. I have met some of the most amazing people through this club.

NR: Obviously doing any exercise is good for you but in my opinion it’s a whole lifestyle with rugby, you make friends for life whilst staying fit and healthy. The sportsmanship you get at rugby is second to none, what other sport can you tackle people to the ground and then go and enjoy a meal together in the clubhouse afterwards.

SS: Women’s sports are becoming so much more accessible. When I was growing up there were no local women’s/young ladies teams to get involved with. For young ladies it teaches respect, self confidence, team work, the importance of communication and it’s a great way of making friends, and exercise can never be a bad thing, right?



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