Easy Easter Crafts for all ages!

Easy Easter Crafts

Occupying the children when stuck indoors can be the battle to end all battles. Thankfully we anticipated this particular predicament and have put together a post full of Easy Easter Crafts so that when the typically British weather turns on us you’re already equipped to deal with the situation!

These activities are inexpensive, fun and the perfect way for your little ones to show friends and family how much they love and appreciate them this Easter.

Handmade, thoughtful gifts are the best! So sit back and let us do the hard work so that you can enjoy these Easy Easter Crafts with your little ones!

Paper Handprint BunnyHandprint Bunnies

It was love at first sight for me and these adorable yet simple handprint bunnies! Super cute and easy as anything to achieve.

All you’ll need is some brightly coloured paper, pens and your child’s hand!

You could even get the whole family involved to create bunnies of varying sizes, how cute would that be?!

Original credit goes to onelittleproject.com

Paint and Hide Rocks

If you have children (and presumably you do if you’re reading this) then you’ll know all about the rock painting trend!

This one is twofold as not only will your little ones have a blast getting arty,  but they’ll also have loads of fun hiding them for someone else to find!

Why not include a thoughtful note along with your rock? The gift of kindness costs nothing but will absolutely make the day of a stranger.

Shape Bunnies

If you’re looking for something with an educational twist then this is the one for you.

These Bunnies will not only entertain your child from a creative angle, they will also help with getting to grips with different shapes which is fantastic for little ones.

This is one that can be used again and again to make learning extra fun which never goes amiss in my house!

Original credit goes to housingaforest.com

Egg Decorating (The Easiest of Easy Easter Crafts!)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it old school, spending an afternoon on some traditional Egg Decorating!

Let the children go mad with paint, glitter and feathers!

I can’t speak for their longevity but the overall enjoyment of the task more than makes up for that.

We certainly think this is the holy grail of Easy Easter Crafts!

Paper Plate Calla Lilies

Very possibly my favourite craft in the list and SO easy to make.

Grab yourselves a handful of paper plates, straws, pipe cleaners, paint and glue to create the most unique bouquet you’ll ever see.

Go crazy with colour and honestly, the sentimental value of these Calla Lilies will be unbeaten.

Original credit goes to theresourcefulmama.com



I’m sure you’re all rushing out now to stock up on essentials for your Easy Easter Crafts. I know we will!

We would love to see your recreations so be sure to tag our CommunityAd Instagram page  so that we can show them some love!

Happy Easter!


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