Councillors target greater rates of recycling


Lewes District Council has backed new measures to boost recycling rates across the district.

Following a debate at Full Council, councillors supported a review of waste and recycling facilities at all council owned blocks of flats in order to correct any imbalance in the use of waste and recycling bins.

Additionally, with this phase of the review completed, the work will then be extended to all other blocks of flats in the district.

The move follows significant increases in levels of recycling by residents in blocks of flats that have seen bins for household waste standing empty, while those for recycling are full.

Councillor Julie Carr tabled the amendment to the original motion.

Councillor Carr said:

“There is no doubt that recycling in the district is on an upward curve and that is to be welcomed. However, we must identify ways of facilitating greater improvements in our rates of recycling to catch up with the local authorities that are recycling well over 60% of their waste.”

Cllr Julie Carr

The latest recycling data shows that Lewes District Council is now recycling 43% of waste, up from 39% in May last year.

Councillor Carr is a member of the new Cooperative Alliance and the Cabinet Member for Recycling.

Councillor Carr added:

“I would like to thank Councillor Liz Boorman for proposing the motion and supporting my amendment to it.

“I welcome all cross-party support and cooperation because together we can make a much greater difference, including much more recycling.”


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