Are you curling curious?

One of the surprising joys that many of us discover during the Winter Olympic season is how ruddy compelling the sport of curling is to watch. What starts off as perhaps a little background television becomes the gripping focus of the morning or afternoon.

As the ‘thrower’ glides graciously towards the strip of ice referred to as the ‘sheet’ and releases their ‘rock’ you may let out an involuntary ‘oh that looks good’; however the real excitement comes when the two players travelling alongside the rock, called the ‘sweepers’, start living up to their name and start sweeping the rock vigorously towards the ‘Bullseye’.

I’m positive that I am not alone in getting swept along with ’curling-fever’ as during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, such was the fanfare for curling that people were creating their own curling arenas. Given the distinct lack of proper seasons and shortage of snow and indoor winter sports venues in this country, you can imagine curling fans had to go to some lengths to create a bodged version of the Olympic sport. In a flurry of viral videos, kitchen floors became the ‘sheet’ on which the competition was held, mops became the sweeps, and to replicate the stones or rocks bars of soap were used. Fun as it appeared, it didn’t quite compare to the grandeur of the real thing.

If you’re lucky enough to be reading this magazine then chances are, you’re lucky enough to live in Tunbridge Wells, which in turn means you are extremely fortunate to be in a rare situation. You are blessed to be in the

only community in the south of England that is able to satisfy those of us who class themselves as ‘curling curious’ without having to convert kitchens, bathrooms or back gardens! That’s right reader, Tunbridge Wells is home to the UK’s first dedicated Curling Rink, Fentons!
We owe this community-asset to one man, an exiled Scot named Ernest Fenton. Ernest decided to create a 3-lane dedicated curling rink on his estate near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Fenton’s Rink opened in November 2004 with an International Bonspiel, which attracted competitors from all over the world. Curling has been an Olympic Winter sport since 1988 and is one of the few Olympic winter sports everyone can try. The sport of curling is suitable for young and old and can be played as a social or competitive sport. The spirit of curling demands good sportsmanship and honourable conduct.

Fenton’s Rink has qualified curling coaches available to teach and encourage beginners.

Whether your focus is learning a new skill or bonding with your friends or teammates, trying this exciting winter sport is great fun and you’re sure to have a memorable experience. So, if you’re curling curious, suffer no more!

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