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12 Dinosaur-Themed Activities For Dinosaur Day 2022

Dinosaur Day

Did you know that Dinosaur Day is a thing? Celebrated on both 15th May and 1st June, this is a holiday I can sink my teeth into, show me all of the dinosaur-themed activities!


I have a dinosaur obsessed pre-schooler at home and whilst at times I have certainly felt overwhelmed with the sheer amount of prehistoric paraphernalia in my house, it’s also a pretty cool thing to be knowledgeable about, right?

Not to brag, but I can pronounce Parasaurolophus and if that is the only thing I take away from this particular time in my life then I think that is an achievement in itself.


So with that in mind, I’ve put together an extensive list of places in the UK you’ll be wanting to visit, if you’re brave enough!



Dinosaur Zoo, Wingham Wildlife Park

With over 20 different dinosaurs to discover, Wingham Wildlife Park and their Dinosaur Zoo are an absolute must for your little palaeontologist!

This educational adventure will enable you to learn more about your favourite dinosaurs from the Cretaceous to the Jurassic and Permian periods, leaving no stone left unturned!

Dinosaur Forest, Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve

Did you know that Port Lympne is home to the UK’s largest dinosaur forest?

Take a trip across three acres of natural woodland, where you will discover facts and interesting information about your favourite dinosaurs and the world they lived in.

For an extra dose of dino fun, why not check out the Dinosaur Playground before your trip to Port Lympne. It’s full of activities such as colouring sheets, games and competitions!

Maidstone and the Iguanodon, Maidstone Museum

If you fancy taking your little one to see a REAL dinosaur fossil, then Maidstone Museum will be right up your street!

This is definitely a must for your junior knowledge seeker and a fantastic option for the whole family as the museum is full of fascinating exhibitions!

Dinotropolis, Bluewater

A whole adventure park dedicated to dinosaurs? GET IN!

With animatronic dinosaurs and three storeys of soft play fun, the prehistoric playground that is Dinotropolis is the perfect place to let loose.

The fantastic Fossil Cafe is the ideal spot for a Tyrannosaurus rex sized bite to eat, in-between exploring the interactive games and raptor racing!

Rascal Bay Manson, Manston

Dinosaurs are just one of the fantastic features of Rascal Bay.

Adventure Golf is always high up on my list of favourite things to do so when I found out that Rascal bay was a dinosaur lover’s dream, well, I was sold!

This adventure is also a great choice for anyone not quite as obsessed as their little ones. It’s multi-themed with plundering pirates and other fearsome creatures to discover, so really, you can’t go wrong!



Drusillas Park, Jurassic Jungle

Planning on taking a trip to Drusillas Park soon? Be sure to check out the Jurassic Jungle at the same time!

Affectionally nicknamed Dru-assic Park, this Jurassic Jungle is home to not only a family of Triceratops, but also a spitting Dilophosaurus and flying Pterosaur!

Tell me this isn’t the home of dinosaur-themed activities, I dare you!



Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park, Dinosaur Discovery

A meeting with your favourite dinosaurs awaits at Dinosaur Discover!

From the ferocious T-Rex to the TV famous Giganotosaurus, Gulliver’s is fit to burst with a selection of your favourites.

You can even book a short dino break!



Paradise World Park, World of Dinosaurs

Animatronic dinosaurs? Amazing!

Set across acres of natural woodland you’ll find 30 life-size dinosaurs who move and roar – the whole shebang!

Take a trip on the ‘Rex Express’ full of prehistoric surprises before playing palaeontologist at the ‘Dino Dig’. The ideal place for all of your dinosaur themed activities.

Get us there immediately!



Natural History Museum

We couldn’t possibly have a Dinosaur Day article and not include the iconic Natural History Museum!

The museum takes educational fun to a whole other level with the selection of extras available.

‘Dino Snores’, the unique overnight experience open to children 7 to 11 is currently sold out but well worth adding yourself to the waiting list for.

It doesn’t get much more exciting than a dinosaur sleepover! Unless Andy Day himself decides to make a time travelling appearance. Someone, please remind me to stop watching CBeebies!

Crystal Palace Park, Dinosaur Court

Did you know that Crystal Palace Park is home to the world’s first dinosaur statues?

Although no longer considered biologically accurate, these statues tell the story of how science and our understanding have evolved.

Besides, who doesn’t want to be out in the wild with their favourite dino friends?!



Paultons Park, Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park

One of the amazing benefits of a trip to Paultons Park (yes, THAT Paultons. The home of Peppa Pig!) is that you get to visit the Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park!

Soar through the air on ‘Flight of the Pterosaur’ or swirl and dodge giant dinosaur eggs on ‘Boulder Dash’.

There is so much to do at the Lost Kingdom, I might not even take the kids! Joking! Probably…



ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure

With digs to be dug and dinos to discover, this all-weather adventure park sounds well worth a visit!

Meet park mascot, Dippy and his dinosaur friends with live theatre performances before getting active at the ‘Dinomite’ indoor soft play.

You’ll also find a splash zone, raceway and crazy golf! I’m exhausted (but excited!) already!


So that concludes our list of activities for Dinosaur Day 2022. It’s looking like we’re taking a tour of the UK at this rate, at least my three-year-old will be happy!

Have a ROARSOME time, from everyone here at CommunityAd!

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