Kitchen Storage Hacks to Increase Your Space

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With the amount of ingredients, appliances and utensils we buy to cook our favourite meals, it can be difficult to find spaces for our spices and saucepans. This is especially the case for people with small kitchens and for those who are avid cooks. If you’re struggling to find space for your kitchen necessities, read on for the storage hacks that will help increase your space.

Invest in a storage rack on wheels

Do you have a lot of spices you can no longer store on your worktop or drawers? If yes, storage racks on wheels are your best option. Investing in these storage racks will benefit people who have some gaps in their kitchen. For example, a gap in between your fridge and kitchen worktop. Instead of leaving that gap to gather some dust, it’s a good idea to put it to good use. These pull-out racks are a perfect fit and can be used in whatever way you want; you can use it as an organised spice rack or storage for some utensils like measuring spoons. You can even wheel it around and bring it to your cooking space. As a result, your kitchen will look more organised and less cluttered!

Invest in pull-out larder units

Similar to storage racks on wheels, pull-out larder units also offer great flexibility in terms of storage. These units are usually vertical and will look like your cupboards, but when pulled out, both sides are open for easy access. Pull-out larder units also have different compartments for the variety of items you want to store, allowing you to organise them in whatever way you want.

Mount your dish drying rack

Another kitchen storage hack to take note of is to mount your drying rack on your wall. This is a great DIY project for those who love being crafty, and should free up your worktop space. If this is something you’d like to do, it’s a good idea to mount it above your kitchen sink (if there’s an available wall) for the water to drip directly into the drain. If it’s not possible, mount it on a side wall and place a tea towel underneath it.

Install a pull-out cutting board

If your worktop space is limited, this kitchen hack will help you increase it. If you have a spare drawer, consider turning it into a pull-out cutting board. By doing this, you can increase your worktop space since you won’t have to place a cutting board on top. Cutting your vegetables, meat or fruit will migrate to this pull-out cutting board instead. To make it even more convenient, create a hole at the end for any excess trimmings and make sure you have a bin underneath it. This way, you can simply toss any unwanted trimmings straight to your bin.

Hang your utensils on a wire rack

Not only will this give you more space, but it will also allow you to organise your utensils so you can avoid searching for them. To create a wire rack, all you need is wire mesh, a wire cutter, hooks, a power tool and a rust-preventing primer. A wire rack is also minimalistic and will suit any kitchen style. If you plan to make one, it’s ideal to hang it behind your hob for you to easily grab the utensils you need.

Hang your pots and pans on a coat peg shelf

If you want to use your cupboard for food storage, consider hanging your pots and pans on a coat peg shelf. This way, you’ll have more space for your noodles, can of beans, chocolate and any other food that tickles your fancy. Just like hanging your utensils on a wire rack, it will also be easier to grab the right pot or pan size you need without having to search for them. You also don’t have to organise them in a way where they all fit in your cupboard. You can even place a few kitchen items on top too!


These are a few of the kitchen storage hacks you can consider to increase your space. If you need help, advice, or for any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our kitchen experts from our directory here.

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