6 Ways to Insulate Your Home

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Warm and cosy homes are essential during winter, but if you’re paying an expensive energy bill, you might be looking for ways to reduce it. An option you can consider is home insulation, which are products you can install to reduce heat loss in your home. If you’re interested in home insulation, here are some ways to insulate your property.

Consider roof insulation

A way to improve your home’s insulation is by insulating your roof. This will be useful for any loft conversions that you have and will allow you to save energy. A roof insulation usually involves fitting an insulation board between the rafters of your home and below existing plasterboard walls; insulation boards are made of polystyrene or polyurethane, which are materials that are effective in reducing heat loss. This type of insulation works by trapping the heat in your home and creating a blanket effect. If you’re considering a loft conversion, our article on the 5 Points to Consider for a Loft Conversion may be helpful.

Consider floor insulation

Just like a roof insulation, insulating your floor will also help to reduce heat loss. Floor insulation usually consists of implementing an insulating material underneath your floorboards, which will reduce the heat escaping through the floor. As well as decreasing the heat loss, floor insulation will also prevent any draughts from entering your home.

Consider cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation is another way to insulate your home. A cavity wall is a type of wall with a hollow centre. Cavity wall insulation consists of filling the air space in a cavity wall with a material that traps heat within your home. As well as trapping heat, this type of insulation will also store heat within the inner walls of your home and release it into your rooms.

Consider draught proofing 

Draught proofing is another way to insulate your home and to save on your energy bill. Gaps around your windows and doors, or holes in the building shell, will enable draught to enter your home. Therefore, you should consider draught proofing, which will block unwanted gaps and stop heat from escaping. This type of insulation usually consists of foam strips, draft excluder brushes or chimney balloons. Whichever one you choose, these items will prevent draughts from entering your house; they are easy to fit and are also cheap to buy.

Consider buying thermal curtains or blinds

Another way to insulate your home is to invest in thermal curtains or blinds. Thermal curtains and blinds consist of layers – a layer of acrylic will usually be between two layers of fabric. This will provide insulation and reduce your energy bill, which will especially be useful during winter. Moreover, thermal curtains and blinds are also effective in terms of soundproofing since they have the ability to dampen sound due to their heavy weight. If you’re looking for ways to make other rooms more energy-efficient, our article on How to Make Your Living Room More Energy-Efficient might be useful.

Consider double glazing for windows

To keep your home well insulated, you should also consider double glazing for your windows. Since a lot of heat escapes through glass windows, it’s important that this is prevented. By installing double glazed windows, heat will be preserved in your home. This is due to a gas called argon, which separates the two panes of glass. Argon is not a very good conductor of heat, meaning it will stop any warm air from escaping.


These are a few ways you can insulate your home and ultimately reduce your energy bill. For any enquiries or for help with insulation projects, don’t hesitate to consult our plumbing and heating experts here.

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