Speed the focus of Road Safety Week

More than 160 drivers were stopped by Kent Police during an operation in support of the ‘Speed Down Save Lives’ campaign run for Brake’s Road Safety Week.

Roads Policing Officers worked across the county and stopped 164 vehicles suspected of exceeding the speed limit between 20-26 November 2017.

94 drivers were issued with a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) which means a decision will be taken in the next several weeks about what action will be taken against them. In some cases they may be issued a fixed penalty notice and in other cases they might be summonsed to court or offered a National Driver Improvement Scheme

70 drivers were verbally warned by officers.

  • One driver who was captured doing 82 mph in a 50 mph limit along West Malling Bypass was stopped but was unable to provide a reasonable explanation and was issued a TOR.
  • Another driver stopped by officers in Watling Street, Dartford, was arrested and failed a roadside swab test for drugs. He has been released pending the outcome of a forensic report.  (XY/XC/4222/17)
  • A bus driver was stopped during a speed check on Ashford Road in Maidstone. The bus, which had passengers on board, was travelling at 40 mph where the limit is 30 mph. The driver was issued with a TOR.

Sergeant Steve Dunnett from Kent Police Roads Policing Unit said:  “Neighbourhoods across the country list speeding as being one of the most important issues for police to tackle.

“Although officers are on patrol dealing with all manner of traffic offences every day, we felt it was only right to support Brake and their Road Safety Week as it focuses on Speed this year.

“It is incredible to think that in just one week, so many drivers have been stopped and dealt with by the police for speeding across Kent.

“Drivers should always consider that a child could run out between two parked cars into their path.  Slowing down could save a life!”

Kent Fire & Rescue Service also supported the campaign by engaging with motorists at service stations and offering advice encouraging the public to ‘speed down’ to save lives.

KFRS Director of Operations Sean Bone-Knell said: “It’s important that drivers and their passengers understand the impact that speeding can have. Travelling at excess speed could be the difference between a safe journey and one that ends in tragedy.

All too often our firefighters attend road crashes where the contributing factor has been that the driver has been driving too fast. We want to encourage people across the county support us as we work together towards safe and sustainable travel for everyone.”


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