Celebration of Achievement at Sandwich Technology School

Sandwich Technology School wrapped up November with its annual Celebration of Achievement. Students and former students, proud parents, school governors, staff members  and prize sponsors gathered for this prestigious event that has become a highlight of the school calendar. This year’s guest speaker was Kevin Charles, Funding and Communication Manager for Dover District Council. In an inspiring and heart-warming speech, he spoke not only of the opportunities that he seized in his personal life to achieve success, but the opportunities that he is now seizing for Dover and the surrounding area.

The evening was hosted by Jessica Phipp (Head Girl) and the audience enjoyed performances from Ferdinand Proyer (who played the bagpipes), Charlotte Rendle (who played the cello), Emily Mead (poem recital) and Sophie Morgan – who sang ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ in honour of our special guest.

In her address, the Headteacher, Tracey Savage, complimented the students on the record-breaking examination results that were achieved in 2017. She compared their journey with that undertaken by ‘Team Rickshaw’ participants, who, in the face of considerable adversity, rose to the challenge and were determined to succeed. Mrs Savage said “Team Rickshaw and Team STS have both achieved something wonderful and, in each case, it is important to remember the wider team who made it possible. But, in the end, it is all about the young people and their significant accomplishments. It was you who studied hard, completed all that coursework and sat all those exams. You are the reason we are here tonight and we are all incredibly proud of you!”.

In addition to receiving their certificates, students were recognised for academic excellence, endeavour and their contribution to the school and its wider community.

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