Plan ahead to make your night out safe

People who want to enjoy Kent’s nightlife should plan ahead and take precautions to keep themselves safe.

That is the advice from Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) Jo Shiner from Kent Police who is promoting this safer socialising message to reduce the risk of people falling victim to crime on a night out:

‘Kent is a great place to socialise and we want people to enjoy their nights out safely’ said ACC Shiner.

‘Unfortunately, there are a small number of offenders who will prey on people when they are vulnerable through drink or personal circumstances.

‘Planning ahead will reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

Making proper arrangements to get home safely, travelling with a friend or in a group if possible and pre-booking a licenced taxi are all ways to boost personal safety’ she added.

Don’t Give Offenders the Chance!

ACC Shiner has also advised about keeping safe whilst inside pubs and clubs:

‘If you leave your mobile phone, bag or coat unattended they could be stolen.

If you leave your drink unattended it could be spiked by someone who wants to take advantage of you.

‘Try to drink responsibly and know your limits.

It’s not only thieves that will prey on inebriated people

– some offenders may use intoxication as an opportunity to commit an offence. Don’t give them that chance.’

The final advice from ACC Shiner to help ensure a safe night out is to avoid confrontation:

‘Lives are ruined on an evening out when minor confrontations can escalate and lead to violence.

Walk away from situations before they escalate and if there is a confrontation, tell the security staff, or if you’re in danger, call the police.’

Stay safe and enjoy your night out.

More advice about personal safety can be found on the Kent Police website:

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