May is National Walking Month

We all know, deep down, that if we did more walking and used our cars and public transport less, there would be a wealth of benefits to not only our health, but also the environment.

It’s National Walking Month so there’s an added bonus to getting some walking done as it’s an opportunity to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.  ‘Just Walk’ is the name of their sponsored campaign and they are inviting people to ‘plan [their] own sponsored walk in the great outdoors and raise money for life saving heart research’. Fittingly, walking is very good for your heart.  It makes your heart stronger and reduces the chance of heart diseases and strokes.

The impact transport has on the environment is phenomenal.  Whilst, of course, it is not always feasible, convenient or practical to walk, and it’s entirely understandable cars are used with such regularity, consider this; Sustrans (a sustainable transport charity) has said that if ‘we all swap one car journey a week for walking instead, car traffic levels would reduce by at least 10%’.  Quite something.  Oftentimes we are frustrated that we don’t get enough exercise and that we don’t have the time to, but we could make the time by simply walking to work and back.  This will almost certainly mean leaving the house earlier than usual, but this too can come with its own benefits.

Why not arrange to walk into work one day this week?  In preparation, the night before, you could go to bed earlier in order to wake up bright, refreshed and ready for the day.  Try and have a hearty breakfast rich in protein for that much-needed energy boost to see you through your walk.  If it’s a hot day, you’d probably want to consider packing your work clothes and wearing something you can change out of when you get there.  That should save you having to sit in sweaty clothes for the rest of the day!  By the time you have started the working day you will have an overwhelming sense of achievement and jubilation.  Think of it; you’ve arrived at work and since your day has started, you’ve woken up early, eaten well and had a refreshing walk, which is also proven to help with things such as anxiety, depression and other problems to do with our mental health.

Not many things in life come free, especially nowadays, but of course, walking is!  Walking is free, reduces your carbon footprint meaning a hugely positive impact on the environment, lifts your mood, and it can help you to become more proactive.  Get walking into your daily routine and you’ll soon find yourself unable to stop, and the more you do it the more you’ll want to.

With so many benefits and it being wildly inclusive (walk on your own, with your friends or family or with your pet), get out into the big wide world and get yourself walking on this National Walking Month!


You can sign up to the British Heart Foundation’s sponsored walk, here: JUST WALK and join in the conversation on social media by using #NationalWalkingMonth.


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