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Private Care Tailored To Suit An Individual’s Exact Needs

Town & Country Homecare aims to help people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and to assist those who need help due to frailty, disability or illness to live as independently as possible with comfort and dignity.

Our Private Care Service is able to provide a package of care, tailored to suit an individual’s exact needs. This could give you or your relative many more years of living at home, at a fraction of the cost of living in a care home.

Our staff are all DBS checked, fully trained and can help with both Personal Care and/or Domestic Care.

We welcome Service Users who are privately funding their care as well as Service users who receive a Direct Payment or use the Kent Card.

Telephone us on 01580 234706 to arrange to receive our Private Care Service in your own home, giving you support and help that can help you remain in your own home for longer rather than entering a care home before it is really needed.

Private Care Service

Listed below are most of the services that Town & Country Homecare offer, many of which will be adapted to suit your needs. Our shortest care visit is 30 minutes and we also provide 45 minute and 60 minute visits. Longer visits are charged at pro rata to the hourly rate.

Telephone us on 01580 234706 to arrange to receive our Private Care Service in your own home, giving you support and help that can help you remain in your own home for longer rather than entering a care home before it is really needed.

Domestic Care:

  • Shopping (unsupervised)
  • Making & changing beds (unsoiled)
  • Laundry & Ironing
  • Washing up
  • Light housework
  • Cleaning Toilets & bathrooms
  • One off cleaning tasks (e.g. Spring cleaning)
  • Assisting with:
  • Making appointments
  • Maintaining social contact
  • Attending clubs and day centres

Personal Care:

  • Help with getting out of bed, washing, bathing or showering
  • Help to get dressed in the morning & undressed at night
  • Managing continence and / or emptying commode
  • Changing of soiled linen
  • Prompting to take medication
  • Assistance with budget planning & paying bills
  • Assistance with correspondence
  • Collection of pension / benefits
  • Assistance with use of telephone

Nutritional Care:

  • Preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner (Be they fresh, ready made or light meals)
  • Preparation of drinks
  • Menu planning
  • Managing food hygiene
  • Assistance with nutrition
  • Provide advice / supportive information
  • Health and safety risk assessments
  • Quality assurance visits & questionnaires
  • Regular communication with a co-ordinator

Sit Ins:

  • Companionship or just covering for a regular carer
  • Supervised outings to hospital or doctor appointments,
    social functions or shopping trips

Critical Visit Monitoring | The System That Gives You Peace Of Mind

At Town & Country Homecare Limited we constantly strive to offer our Service Users a better service. Critical Visit Monitoring delivers both comfort and peace of mind to Service Users and their families.

When a new Service User starts with us permission for the carers to be able to use the home telephone on arrival and on departure of a visit. This phone call is 100% FREE of charge to the Service User. The carer can log in and out of the visit by these phone calls and the data of these phone calls is collected by our system at the office.

The system is set up to deliver automated alerts to our team of co-ordinators both in and out of office hours when a visit hasn’t started by a certain time. This allows us to contact the carer who was scheduled to carry out the visit to ascertain the reason for the delay.

If there is a major problem (which is rare), which without the system we would have not known about, we are now able to make alternative arrangements by utilising our “stand-by” carers while keeping the Service User informed of the situation.

Alerts can be set up to activate at varying time scales, depending on the nature of a Service Users requirements. For example someone who is Diabetic would be deemed to need “Critical Care” so the alerts are set up to activate if a visit hasn’t begun 15 minutes after the planned start time. This means that if the visit due to begin at 9:00am has not begun by 9:15am then an alert will be generated. For normal Personal Care visits create an alert after 30 minutes.

There have been many instances where Service Users have received better outcomes since this system was put in place.

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