Flavours of India for the Carers of India

There is no doubt that the role of a carer is a challenging one, and one that is so crucial to people in need. Carers here in the UK often don’t get the just rewards and rightful recognition they deserve, and this issue is not exclusive to the UK. Indeed in other places around the world  it is frightfully worse. In India and Nepal it can often fall on the young to look after the elderly or sick, children who should be being children, become carers.

Long-term care for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities presents an urgent challenge around the world. The burden placed on unpaid family carers is immense and has a direct impact on their physical health, mental and emotional well-being and economic security. The Charity Carers Worldwide highlights the vital role played by carers, and aims to support them.

The charity is holding a fundraising lunch at the fantastic Flavours by Kumar, Garlinge on Thursday 25th April at 12:30pm. As customers will be well aware, you never need an excuse to visit Flavours, however as Sophie from Carers Worldwide explains ‘Its a chance to eat some fine Indian and learn more about our fine cause’.

Sophie has been working at charity for three months and in that time has wasted no time organising events such as these in the aim of raising much needed funds for carers in India and Nepal.  She tells us her favourite aspect of her job is “meeting amazing and inspiring supporters for the charity and of course organising fun events.”

What challenges are being presented to these carers in India and Nepal?

“Its a massively over looked issue and we are the only organisation working exclusively and strategically with unpaid family carers in the developing world. Carers Worldwide develops and promotes cost effective, sustainable and easily replicable methods of providing support to carers in low and middle income countries. Since 2012, our work has impacted the lives of over 7,000 carers in Nepal and India”.

The feast at the award-winning Indian restaurant will cost £20, that money can make a difference to carers in need.  It is the curry that cares.

To book your place call Sophie on 07534410401, or email her at [email protected].

If you can’t make this fundraising but want to learn more and aid the charity, Sophie’s message to you is “please don’t be shy, get in touch. If you can’t make this event don’t worry there will be others. But there also other ways you can support us by volunteering, taking on a challenge event, bake sales, the possibilities are endless”.  





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