Wilder Bramley collaborates with ‘The Greening Campaign’

Over the last two years Wilder Bramley have achieved so much in the nature space, and will continue to do so.


However, to address the climate crisis we need to extend our reach. That’s why Wilder Bramley are collaborating with ‘The Greening Campaign’ and communities across Hampshire (including our neighbouring village, Silchester) to engagement the community more broadly on the climate change agenda.

The Greening Campaign is a not-for-profit organisation bringing communities together to tackle all aspects of climate change. Over the last 15 years they’ve worked with more than 200 communities. Supported by Hampshire County Council and National Lottery funding, Bramley is looking forward to following in their footsteps.

The programme is structured around five pillars, with each pillar’s activities sponsored by organisations with a wealth of knowledge and resources to learn from. We’ll be looking for individuals to get involved, support a pillar, and help shape our programme.

  • The Space for Nature pillar (supported by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust), we seek to increase biodiversity and carbon capture. A first step will be to map the existing valuable habitats within Bramley before looking to enhance these habitats and create wildlife corridors.
  • The Energy Efficient Warmer Homes pillar (supported by the Sustainability Centre and the Environment Centre) will help us all reduce our household energy bills with top tips for energy surveying, thermal imaging and understanding the grants available. We hope to be able to support the brilliant work Bramley Greener Homes are already doing in this space.
  • The Health Impacts of Climate Change pillar (supported by Anthea Cooke Consultant) will provide a platform for people to explore, express and understand the implications of our changing climate.
  • The Cycle of the Seed pillar (supported by Garden Organic) encourages the growing of food locally and the benefits of soil health to the planet. It will be an engaging pillar by which we can learn about growing food, cooking, reducing food waste and composting.
  • The Waste Prevention pillar (supported by Hampshire County Council) looking to establish fun and initiative activities to reduce consumption.

We can all feel overwhelmed by the enormity of Climate Change but there are things we can all do to make a difference! We hope the initiative will give the whole village an opportunity to interact with an exciting year of sustainability initiatives and events. For more information and to get involved follow us on Facebook or drop us a message at [email protected]

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