Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Ladies Cricket Club

CommunityAd find out more about this exciting newly formed club as they enter their first competitive campaign.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Ladies Cricket ClubBorn just a few years ago, the Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Ladies Cricket Club was started by Claudia Phillips and has developed and progressed to the stage where the team are now looking forward to debuting their first season of competitive cricket.

Joining the W10 League, Claudia spoke to us about how the club first started, the goals they have for the season and her overall love for the sport of cricket.


Can you tell us about your cricketing background and when you started the Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Women’s Cricket Club?

It all started in the summer of 2021 when my daughter was doing All Stars, I was chatting to one of the coaches who mentioned that they would like to start a women’s team and it went from there. I set up a WhatsApp group the following spring with all the ladies I knew in the area and the response was incredible as it was really positive and enthusiastic. We then spread the word via social media and several more joined. We have spent the last two years playing a few friendlies and won our first match in the Yateley Softball Festival last August.

I grew up playing rounders at school, so my cricket was limited to the garden and beach. Fortunately, we have a couple of ladies who played cricket at school so their experience has been invaluable and they’ve really helped the rest of us.


What is your ethos at the club and can you explain the process and, perhaps, some of the hardships that came along with starting the club up from scratch?

The ethos of the Club is to foster and promote participation in the amateur sport of cricket within the community, providing facilities for playing cricket, opportunities for recreation, coaching and competition. The Club was founded in 1811 and now has 3 men’s teams and the junior section which was started 15 years ago. The Club and committee are very supportive of the women’s team but recruitment and raising funds to maintain and improve the facilities are always challenging.


How excited are you for the start of a season and having spent the last few years training for the campaign ahead, can you share with us your goals for the season?

We are excited to join the W10 League this season and can’t wait to play some competitive games. We played an indoor tournament over the winter and had some close results, so we want to improve on that and win more games rather than just missing out by a few runs. Our bowling is improving so to be more consistent with that is a huge goal.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Stratfield Turgis & Hartley Wespall Ladies Cricket ClubWhat do you enjoy most about the sport of cricket?

The team spirit and enthusiasm we have in our team is fantastic. Most of us are beginners but I love the fact that the ladies are itching to get back onto the cricket pitch and start playing again. We’re all supportive of each other so if someone is having a bad over bowling you know that your teammates are really behind you and feeling your pain and frustration!


Are you currently looking for any players/volunteers at the club and, if so, how can interested readers get in touch to find out more?

We would love to recruit some more players and I can’t stress enough that beginners are very welcome. Just because we’re joining the league I don’t want this to put anyone off as the main thing is to have fun and enjoy ourselves whilst learning to play a new sport. Our email is [email protected]

We are holding a Family Fun Day on Sunday 21st April 2:00pm to 5:00pm where we hope families will come along, play some games and see what the Club has to offer.


How can readers keep up to date with the club’s progress and latest news?

Our website is or you can find us on Facebook @StratfieldTurgisAndHartleyWespallCricketClub or Instagram @stratfield_turgis_cc.

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