Meet the Boghogs – Whitstable Bike Riders


Meet the loose collection of bike riders – The Boghogs – who, for the past 15 years, have been riding out as an adventurous group to places such as France and Wales; but also, Whitstable, Sandwich and Deal more locally.


With restrictions lifted and no limit on the number of riders who can cycle together, we caught up with the Boghogs to talk about their group of both passionate and relaxed riders, and why locals who want to join the bike life should think of the Boghogs.


Boghogs spoke to us at CommunityAd explaining: “Some members of the group have ridden bikes all their lives and taken it seriously in the past, others have taken up cycling later in life when they have more time and others are new to riding, especially in groups.

“It’s a very eclectic mix of riders from a wide range of backgrounds and professions which gives the group its spirit and strength.”


Whilst some Boghogs have come and gone, and some even back again, you can tell there is a real sense of comradery, contributed to by all those who have played a part in the history of the collective.


Talking about the practicalities of a ride, the group explain: “A mountain bike is probably the only definite requirement, though road bikes are sometimes ridden out to cafes in Sandwich or Deal. However, off road single track is the core of a Boghog ride.

“Gypsy Corner next to the car park at Clowers Woods between 8.30am on a Sunday morning is the best way to join a Boghogs ride.

“The average ride might be between two and three hours through the wider Blean Woodlands and surrounding areas, but this is diluted by idle gossip, boasting, the occasional technical failure, clueless meandering and an opportunity to talk, catch up with friends and exchange news. ‘The Bike’ can be the main focus for some, and for others it is the belonging to the group which is important.

“No one is ever left behind to ride home on their own, and by the same token waiting and regrouping is expected if things split up and spread out.

“It’s a one size fits all arrangement that has lasted about 15 years, with legendary trips to France and Wales, Christmas dinners once a year and some of us have worn numbers on our backs and entered organised events. That doesn’t happen very often these days, with times or destinations being less significant, but what happens along the way being much more important.”


For anyone who would like to find out more and how to join one of the group’s rides, contact Dave or Tom on 07778 261060, or Rob on 07789 801581.

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