Faversham Artists and Art Enthusiasts

During the bouts of lockdown we’ve faced in the past two years, a lot of us have found solace in the wonderful world of artistry, from finger-painting to pottery.


If you’ve been a life-long fan or just recently discovered your love for the arts, you might want to explore Faversham Artists and Art Enthusiasts, a Facebook group for local art aficionados and newbies.


The group was started by local artist Tina Hagger, who moved from Ashford to Faversham around 12 years ago after falling in love with not just the town, but the community as well, and we sat down to have a chat about her work and the local art scene.


What age did you first get involved in the world of art?

“It’s only in the last 7 or 8 years I got seriously preoccupied with art. Ever since I started making my own linocut artworks, I’ve become really rather obsessed with both making my own art, and looking at other people’s art.

“Linocut is a type of relief printmaking where you remove areas of a piece of linoleum with gouges to create an image. The areas of the lino that are not removed are inked up and printed on paper, a little bit like a big stamp. All of my artworks are linocut prints.”


What motivated you to create the Faversham Artists and Art Enthusiasts group?

“I created the group as a place where local artists could show their work and network for free, but also as a place where those that love art can see what’s going on locally, and support their local artists. I think it’s important to have a vibrant art scene in a town and so I started the group to contribute to that.

“I think the Faversham art scene is doing well, however COVID-19 has taken its toll on in-person exhibitions, events and workshops. I’d like to see more places for local artists and craftspeople to exhibit in the town, including good quality maker or art fairs and pop-up shops.”


The group is a place full of lively artists showcasing their incredible skill, and it’s a wonderful place for budding artists to visit and gain insider knowledge and tips to take your artwork to the next level.


If you would like to join, make your way over to Faversham Artists and Art Enthusiasts on Facebook today.

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