Don’t queue at recycling centres this bank holiday


Avoid the queues this Bank Holiday

Most of us have spring cleaned our homes already. But the Spring bank holiday weekend is almost here and it’s tempting to visit a recycling centre to get rid of any last items you don’t want.

But have you considered alternatives? Let us know what and how you’ve passed on your items this spring on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Spring into life with seasonal recipes

Earlier this month the Love Essex team attended the Spring Essex Festival of Food and Drink. Essex residents who came to Chelmsford Racecourse were given a range of tips to reduce their food waste, such as making best use of their freezer and planning portions correctly.

Tasty recipes you will want to try include:

Spring Vegetable Risotto

Minestrone Soup

Bacon and Tomato Soda Bread

Planet Essex Festival is coming

A brand-new festival showcasing everything great about the environment is coming to Essex this summer. The Planet Essex Festival will host a wide range of talks, demonstrations, workshops and stallholders. There will also be a repair café and an outdoor cinema.

So why not join us and celebrate everything eco on Saturday 22 June at Cressing Temple Barns?


Do you compost everything you can?

In our recent survey 53% of people composted uncooked fruit and vegetables and 50% composted grass clippings. However, just 33% of people composted egg shells and only 10% of people composted hair and nail clippings.

Make the most of your compost bin by reading about everything you can put inside.

If you don’t compost at home why not try this spring with a reduced-priced bin made from recycled plastic? Then you can make your own soil improver for your garden.

Solar panel scheme a success

More than 300 Essex residents have taken advantage of the Solar Together Essex scheme to boost the renewable energy capacity in the county.

After saving an average of £1,300 on the cost of their panels, it is projected that people’s electricity bills will be reduced by an average of £500 each year. This equates to a saving of 300 tonnes of carbon each year or 58 passenger vehicles taken off the road.

Mythbuster: Batteries are not general waste

Hazardous items such as batteries and small electricals must not be disposed of in your household rubbish bin or in the general rubbish bins at recycling centres; these items pose a serious risk to the health of workers who handle waste up close.

There are containers specifically for batteries and small electricals at recycling centres. If unsure, please speak to a member of site staff. Also, batteries can be recycled in boxes in any of the libraries, and some libraries even have recycling bins for small electricals.



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