Christmas Toy Safety Advice


Christmas morning is a time to enjoy happy times with your family – so when you’re shopping for toys this year, don’t forget to keep it safe.

Did you know?

Sales of toys are governed by strict regulations to protect young children from choking – but Christmas novelties are not, and should not be given to children to play with.

12 toy safety tips:

  1. Buy toys only from reputable outlets.
  2. Make sure the toy is suitable for the child – check the age range.
  3. Be particularly careful with toys for children under three.
  4. Be wary of young children playing with older children’s toys.
  5. Check for loose hair and small parts, sharp edges and points.
  6. Ensure that garden swings and slides are robust and are not a strangulation hazard.
  7. Check toys regularly for wear and repair or dispose of them where necessary.
  8. Keep play areas tidy.
  9. Follow the instructions and warnings provided with toys.
  10. Supervise young children at play.
  11. Look for the CE symbol.  This is a claim by the manufacturer that the toy meets regulatory requirements. Products without the CE mark may not be intended to be used as toys, but are novelties which may not be safe for children to play with.
  12. Also look for the voluntary British Toy and Hobby Association’s (BTHA) ‘Lion Mark’.  A condition of BTHA trade association membership is that members’ toys will meet the statutory safety requirements.

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