Celebrating a Decade of National Black Cat Day

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National Black Cat Day – A Purrfect Tribute to Our Feline Friends

National Black Cat Day, an annual event that falls on the 27th of October, has become a momentous celebration dedicated to honouring these elegant and enigmatic creatures. Created by Cats Protection in 2011, this day serves as a reminder of the unique charm of black cats and the importance of finding them loving forever homes. In this article, we’ll delve into the history, achievements, and heartwarming stories surrounding this special day.


The Origin of National Black Cat Day:

Back in 2011, Cats Protection launched the UK’s first-ever Black Cat Awareness Day, later evolving into National Black Cat Day. The campaign aimed to address the unfortunate trend that black and black-and-white cats spent longer in shelters, waiting for adoption compared to their colourful counterparts. The mascot for the inaugural campaign, the fictional Billy Noir-Mates, garnered significant support, including celebrity endorsements from the likes of Twiggy Lawson, Samantha Fox, and Simon Tofield, the creator of Simon’s Cat. The overwhelming success of the day compelled Cats Protection to turn it into an annual tradition.


A Decade of Celebrating Black Cats:

Over the years, National Black Cat Day has continued to gain momentum, leading to positive changes in the lives of countless feline friends.


2012 – Black Cat Dress-Up:

In the second year, the campaign was renamed National Black Cat Day and embraced the power of social media. Supporters were encouraged to share photos of themselves dressed as black cats, highlighting the fun and endearing side of these furry friends.

2013 – Bring on the Black Cat Videos:

The campaign invited owners of black and black-and-white cats to share their beloved pets on Instagram. This creative initiative brought together over 2,000 heartwarming entries, with some featured in a homing campaign poster.

2014 – Bobby the First Black Cat Champion:

The introduction of the National Black Cat Day Champion competition on Facebook resulted in heartwarming success. The winner, Bobby, captured the hearts of supporters and became the poster cat for Cats Protection, emphasizing the incredible personalities that black cats possess.

2015 – Busting the Myths:

In response to a survey showing that some individuals believed black cats were unlucky, Cats Protection launched a video campaign to dispel common misconceptions about these felines. The initiative aimed to educate and challenge prevailing superstitions.

2016 – Beauty is More Than Fur Deep:

Caspar was chosen as the face of National Black Cat Day, symbolizing the beauty and charm that extends beyond their black coats.

2017 – Unsung Black Cat Heroes:

Cats Protection recognized the heroes among black cats in 2017, with over 3,000 entries in the #MyBlackCatHero competition. The winning cat, Joffrey, represented the generosity and love black cats offer to their owners.

2018 – 50 Shades of Black Cat:

Cats Protection introduced the ’50 shades of black cat’ colour swatch charts, helping cat owners identify their cat’s true hue and celebrating the diversity within black cats.

2019 – Team Black or Black-and-White:

Comedian Bob Mortimer showed his support for black cats, highlighting the importance of not overlooking these wonderful felines.

2020 – A Decade of Success:

In 2020, Cats Protection celebrated a decade of National Black Cat Day. Remarkably, the campaign has reduced the average time black cats spend in shelters by ten days over the past ten years, resulting in over 65,000 black and black-and-white cats finding their forever homes. These achievements prove that love and understanding can triumph over superstitions.


National Black Cat Day, which began as a noble effort to shed light on the plight of black cats, has grown into a heart-warming celebration of their charm and the joy they bring to our lives. A decade of dedication has transformed the lives of countless feline friends, emphasizing the importance of giving these beautiful creatures a chance. To learn more about National Black Cat Day and support this wonderful cause, visit Cats Protection’s official page. This October 27th, let’s join together to celebrate the majesty of monochrome moggies and beautiful black cats.


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