Cabinet to consider asset disposal and community asset transfer


Cabinet members are to consider the possible disposal of 11 council-owned sites and the community transfer of two buildings when they meet on Monday 16 December.

Cabinet will be asked to approve the sale of the following assets:

  • Westbrook Loggia, Margate
  • Land between Montefiore Lodge & The Old Stable Block, King George VI Park, Ramsgate
  • Marina Rd Car Park, Ramsgate
  • Italianate Greenhouse, King George VI Park, Ramsgate
  • Rifle Club, King George VI Park, Ramsgate
  • Foreness Bay Cafe, Margate
  • Harold Road Car Park, Margate
  • Sackett’s Gap Garage, Margate
  • Ethelbert Putting Green, Margate
  • Western Undercliff Former Lift, Ramsgate
  • Walpole Bay Former Lift, Ramsgate

Cabinet will be asked to approve the community transfer of the following assets:

  • Newington Community Centre, Ramsgate
  • Broadstairs and St Peters Bowls Club, Broadstairs

These sites have all been fully appraised and are considered suitable for either obtaining a capital receipt or benefiting the community by way of community asset transfer. This information has been set out in a detailed report which is available online  to ensure that all residents and stakeholders can see the rationale for the disposals. This includes identifying buildings which are in disrepair, under used or that through sale become eligible for funding or investment which a council would not have access to.

Thanet District Council owns around 560 assets in the form of land and buildings throughout the district. To ensure the council works as efficiently as possible, it must keep these assets under review as they require significant management and budgetary commitment, which has to be balanced against the benefits they provide to the community. Retaining a property incurs day-to-day running costs which may seem negligible but ties up investment that could be directed elsewhere. Money raised through the sale of council-owned assets helps to fund important capital projects which is part of the council’s Medium Term financial strategy.

Disposing of underused assets helps to reduce the amount of council-owned property in the district and protects assets that would otherwise fall into disrepair.

In disposing of unwanted assets the council is following the practice of other local authorities.

The sale of unwanted council-owned property is part of the council’s asset management strategy to reduce costs, generate additional income and meet energy efficiency targets. This in turn can be used to fund improvements to other assets across the district through the council’s capital programme. This approach is built into the council’s medium term financial strategy.



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