Brand new escape room horror experience announced for Bluewater

Trapped down South, a brand new interactive and immersive horror experience like no other, comes to BLUEWATER in KENT ( Opening date 28TH April ) and will be terrifying visitors over the coming Months. Tickets go on sale at 5pm on Friday 7th May for those brave enough to take on the challenge.

The set up resembling something from the most terrifying of horror movies where the daring and fearless who enter are the stars, or rather, the victims. Having to pit their wits against mind-numbing puzzles and elaborate clues to make it out alive and avoid being trapped.

Willing groups of up to 6 people are against the clock to complete their mission, with unthinkable consequences if they fail. There are two initial rooms of terror to choose from: Jigsaw, and Cabin Fever. Each with a unique story and environment and a different menacing evil presence lurking and willing you to fail.

Only the pure will escape the Jigsaw room; finding themselves locked away in a makeshift torture chamber within the sinister world of The Judge, a prolific serial killer who has escaped from prison. Famous for subjecting his victims to a grotesque ‘purity’ test known as the Jigsaw, there is one hour on the clock to solve the Jigsaw or be forced to face The Judge.

IF you dare to endure Cabin Fever, then a night of camping turns into a nightmare of sheer terror. A group of savage bloodthirsty locals have kidnapped a member of the group – the one with the car keys. The only way to get home is embark on a terrifying journey through the savage’s cabin in the woods in the desperate hope of finding the captive friend. But are they lying in wait for your visit?

Trapped down South is the ultimate 4D gaming experience, which has been created by horror attraction experts House of the Dead which is led by Richard Cottier, Sally Duguid.

Horror expert and director of House of the Dead Ltd Richard Cottier said: “I’m immensely proud of the achievements that I and the team made with House of the Dead and Trapped. Escape rooms have become incredibly popular in recent years, but we can promise an experience like no other. Trapped down South is not for the fainthearted and we bring a wealth of experience in horror attractions to terrify anybody brave enough to take part”.

Experience Kent’s most challenging escape room attraction, but proceed with the upmost caution; it is only for those with nerves of steel and a quick mind to solve the clues and puzzles whilst under the deadly pressure of being against the clock. Be sure to make every second count.

Will you make it out alive, or be trapped for all eternity? Plan your escape before it’s too late. Book tickets now…if you dare.

Due to the nature of the experience, it is suitable for ages 12+ with parental discretion advised for anyone under the age of 15.

For further information visit or follow on Facebook or Twitter @HOTDltd



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