All’s well that ends well – dog rescued after plummeting 130ft

When firefighters were faced with rescuing a pug stuck down a well more than 40 metres deep, they had to hatch an action plan with a difference.

Three-year-old Kiki plunged into the well in the back garden of her family’s home in Meresborough Road in Rainham, just before 8pm on 23 April.

After assessing the well, firefighters deemed it too dangerous to enter and had to come up with an alternative rescue technique to save the much loved family pet.

The crew, made up of four firefighters from Rochester station, devised a plan involving some of Kiki’s favourite wet dog food.

They tied ropes to the handles of large empty kit bag, filled it with the food and lowered it into the well, taking all necessary safety precautions for working at height. Kiki couldn’t resist the snacks and as planned she climbed into the bag for a feast. Two firefighters very carefully hauled the bag to the top of the well using ropes.

The crew expected her to have some nasty injuries, but to their surprise she bounced straight out of the bag and ran around the garden – seemingly injury free.  The rescue was led by Kent Fire and Rescue Service Crew Manager Graham Porter. He said: “It was definitely an interesting rescue and we’re really pleased we managed to reach Kiki safely. It’s a miracle she didn’t appear to have any injuries after falling that far, but she seemed ok and enjoyed a cuddle with the crew post rescue…all’s well that ends well.”

The owners planned to take Kiki to the vet to get checked over. The rescue took around 45 minutes and the crew left the property just before 9pm.


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