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Throughout 2020, the practice of yoga saw a huge growth of online events, estimated to have jumped up and increased up to 50 times more than 2019.
Yoga is hugely beneficial for weight reduction, increased flexibility, injury prevention, improved respiration and overall health and wellbeing so CommunityAd thought they would get in touch with Sandgate Yoga Lodge.

Sandgate Yoga Lodge is a base for people from all walks of life and CommunityAd caught up with founder Kate Pierre to find out more…


How did the Sandgate Yoga Lodge come about?

I started off by teaching small classes in public locations including The Sunflower House, Sandgate Old Fire Station, The Three Hills and Hythe Pavilion as friends and locals had suggested these for me to share the yogic teachings I wanted to offer.

It was good to try these locations and they were great at the time, yet I felt more natural to be surrounded by nature and to have a permanent base for people to come. I taught under the sky (this is where my own yogic path started, under the big, blue sky, outdoors in 2010) on the beach, then by rivers and under the sky for 6 years. From 2017 the beach became our garden and then inside during the colder weather at 104a Sandgate High Street. I couldn’t wait to get rid of the carpet to expose the natural wooden floorboards which I sanded and oiled. They give a sense of solidness, connection and better air quality.

I have always worked in kitchens where I learnt cooking skills and hospitality in many countries. I simply love prepping fresh food. My Grandmother was the cook in her own Welsh country pub. I trained in hotels and at college. Hotels, cafes from pot wash to main chef, chef in a chalet in French Alps and worked in an Italian 13th-century retreat, learning techniques for cuisine that made me melt. This is just a few of the steps where I gained valuable experience. I still simply love buying fresh, quality, nutritious food. Preparing, cooking, eating together, clearing away is a true joy of life.

I’ve shared homes all over the world and travelled very light so in my new home, I wished to share our space with like-minded adventures and invite people to take a bed, home-cooked food, yoga if they wish and have however much time in a place they too could call home. This is why Sandgate Yoga Lodge opened and what we take pride in offering.


What can readers expect to get from a session with yourself at the Sandgate Yoga Lodge?

Each yoga class comprises of Asana (physical postures) sometimes quite static and other times more dynamic. The movement is led by the breath. We take breathing practise (pranayama) and meditation.


How much of an effect has coronavirus had on you and do you know when you will be able to restart sessions?

I am teaching small groups again now* and certainly, I can sense the fear in people simply not knowing what to do. The yogic practices help us in troubled times so I have offered 2 meditation evenings by donation only as it should be accessible for all despite financial times of hardship.


How would you compare the teachings of yoga in America to the UK?

The Americans, as so many countries now, have a wide variety of yoga, which has so far has been led by the Ashtanga influence which went there bigtime around the 60’s although Hatha Yoga is always considered more original as is much older. It’s been easier for western minds to be focused on the physical body, with a lot of commercialization. The same has happened in the UK but I now see the more traditional Hatha Yoga teachings with emphasis for lasting health with the spiritual path growing in popularity globally.


Can you explain to a reader who may have next tried yoga just how beneficial it is to the mind, body and soul?

The mind can be investigated safely, calmly and kindly. Like this we can get to know our true selves, listening to true desires. The breathing practises help to calm the nervous system and settle the overactive mind most people suffer within this modern age of technology. Plus, the delight in new food that yoga brings is endless. Your taste buds become alive, the aromas become acute and your eyes like pretty fresh tasty treats every day that will serve you well. You can’t change the world around you in one day but you can improve your own mindset to become inspired, healing and courageous. Live life to the full.


What do you enjoy most about living in Sandgate?

Variety of seasons with clean fresh air, the beach and the woods as the trees are awesome. We are always playing in nature and seeing friendly faces out and about, our neighbours. It’s a mixed community and I believe ‘variety is the spice of life.’



*Interview was conducted before national lockdown and tier announcements. For the latest information, visit the website. You can also follow Kate and the Sandgate Yoga Lodge on Facebook and Instagram!

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