Heavy Lifting with Burgess Hill’s Aneela Rose

Burgess Hill’s Aneela Rose is a powerlifting world champion who has smashed many records since officially starting her career in the sport just 5 years ago.


A woman of many talents, Rose also owns her own PR Agency and CommunityAd caught up with Burgess Hill’s Aneela Rose to find out more about her heavy lifting; including her earliest memories in the sport and most memorable achievements…


Often regarded as a specialist sport that is quite niche, how did you find yourself getting involved in powerlifting? 

Completely by accident! I started throwing the javelin again after being inspired watching the London 2012 Olympics but I kept injuring my throwing arm. My coach advised me to start lifting weights to strengthen my shoulders and very quickly we could see I was freakishly strong for my size and weight! I’m quite petite weighing 8st and 5ft2in height. I was encouraged to take up powerlifting and entered my first competition in 2016.


What are your earliest memories of powerlifting and when did you realise that you had the skills, strength and ability to pursue a career in the sport? 

I’d never heard of powerlifting. Like most of us, I knew of weightlifting, particularly being an Olympic sport, but I didn’t know what powerlifting was! Sport has always been my go-to, from my teens I was involved in every sport, from netball and handball, to swimming and athletics, and I represented the county in the 100m sprint and javelin throwing. In adulthood, balancing my hectic work and family life with sport is a challenge but I make the time for it as it’s good for my mental and emotional strength.


From your many lists of achievements in powerlifting what would you say is your most memorable? 

Representing Team GB at the World Powerlifting Championships in Manchester in 2018 and winning a gold medal. Such a surreal experience. I had trained exceptionally hard and my diet in the eight weeks leading up to the event had been incredibly tough too as I had to meet a particular weight class. Lifting kick ass heavy weights requires not just physical strength but mental agility too, it’s insane what you put your body through but I had set my goal, surrounded myself with the right people and was consistent with my training. It all came together and I achieved something I had only dreamt about.


Can you inform readers about the 2019 record you also set? 

I won a gold medal at the ABPU British Powerlifting Championships, setting two British records for lifting 120kg Deadlift and 95kg Squat at a bodyweight of just over 52kg.


How much has COVID-19 had an effect, not just on your training but on your whole powerlifting career and do you know when you will be able to compete next? 

Before the first lockdown in March 2020, I was in full training mode for the British and European Championships, and when COVID took hold all the competitions were postponed to 2021. I’ve not been able to train the way I usually would when gearing up for a comp, and with 2nd and 3rd lockdowns I’ve found it very challenging to get back into the groove with my routine. I’ve decided to compete again in 2022 which gives me time to get back into shape!


Away from powerlifting, what are your hobbies and interests and what do you enjoy most about living in Burgess Hill? 

I’m an avid cook, and you’ll find me experimenting with new recipes from around the world, usually inspired from watching MasterChef! I’m also into fast cars, and when normality fully returns, I’ll be racing cars around Thruxton race track. But it’s my family that are central to my life and everything revolves around them. I have a rule that if my kids and hubby can’t watch me compete, then I won’t take part.

I’ve owned a PR Agency in Burgess Hill since 2004, and lived and worked here since 1996, so I know the area well for business and personal reasons. It’s very easy family living, with great schools, leisure centre, sports clubs, beautiful countryside on our doorstep and fantastic road links to get to the coast and to London. What’s not to like?


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