A friendly chat with the eco-friendly Circle Refill Hub in Rainham

Do you often ponder how to become more eco-sensitive and incorporate eco-friendly practices into your daily routine? Well, The Circle Refill Hub in Rainham can turn you into an eco-warrior fighting against the tide of plastic.

In this edition we caught up with Liz O’Hanlon from The Circle Refill Hub to delve into more detail and understand their inspiration behind the Hub and the green-fingered service they provide for the people of Rainham.


What is a refill hub and how does it work?

“To start with we weigh your containers, then we fill your bottles with your chosen household and hygiene products and weigh again, charging you solely for the amount of product used.

“As long as the container is clean and can be closed it will work: cereal boxes, sauce jars, takeaway boxes, the Tupperware you inherited from Auntie Joan or last Christmas’ Celebrations tin. The more plastic the better – it means that the plastics from home are being reused and not ending up in our oceans or our food chain.

“The products are on a closed loop system, meaning the supplier takes away our empties and refills them, so that we don’t create plastic waste. For everything else, we’re just like a normal shop except our products won’t be wrapped in plastic, are ethically sourced and we don’t supply plastic bags.”


Can you tell us where the inspiration came from to open a refill hub in Rainham?

“The inspiration to come to Rainham came from meeting amazing people who want to see a change but were travelling miles to find a refill shop to reduce their plastic. I knew Rainham’s community were crying out to be able to find something locally. I know that people feel that a change in single use plastic habits needs to come, but in our busy lives, it needs to be made easy and that is what I am here to do.”


What ways can we fight against the culture of single-use plastics and throwaways?

“We all play a part in helping to make a change. We can write to supermarkets demanding our shopping isn’t wrapped in plastic, we can vote at the tills and opt for the food which boasts no or minimal plastic where possible. We can make simple changes like remembering a reusable cup or lunch when going out or swapping to refill or buy things like shampoo bars, rather than plastic bottles.”


It’s clear to see with the opening of shops across the country, like The Circle Refill Hub, and campaigns like Plastic Free Medway, that attitudes are changing towards single-use plastics and how we treat our planet.

With products stocked to meet all your beauty, body and domestic needs but with no added plastic such as hand wash, toilet cleaner, laundry powder to name a few, why not work towards a greener life today and try to incorporate some more eco-friendly practices into your life with the help of The Circle Refill Hub. Or find the shop on Facebook @The Circle Refill Hub, or Instagram @the_circle_rainham or email [email protected].

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