Whitstable’s Hullabaloo – making a professional racket

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand,” these are words from the legendary Stevie Wonder that ring true no matter where you are in the world or what language you speak.


If you are a fan of the local music scene in Kent, or more locally Whitstable, we are sure you have come across Hullabaloo, the four-piece jazz-swing, rock n roll, party pop band.


Made up of “teenagers in their early 50’s”, Jarrod Coombes on double bass and vocals, Ivan Thompson on saxophone and vocals, Martin Towner on guitar and vocals and Ian Harris on drums and backing vocals, Hullaballo have been performing together for the past 22 years.


We caught up with the band, who have amassed quite the following on social media, to find out a little bit more about Hullabaloo, their previous Whitstable gigs, and some of their upcoming shows that our readers can pop along to.


Whilst Hullbaloo’s birth date is roughly the turn of the millennium, all of the band members started at a young age, having all trod the boards in various bands playing smaller and larger events, touring the UK and further afield in Europe.


Who are some of your greatest inspirations and what are some of the joys about being in a band compared to solo performances?

“Anything from Big Joe Turner, Elvis, Ella Fitzgerald to Prince, Wham, and Stevie Wonder.

“Unlike a lot of bands this is our full-time job and for us it’s all about the camaraderie and friendship of being together and performing the music well. We always strive to put on the best show possible, and leave people happy and smiling.”


What is the best advice you’ve been given and would pass on to up-and-coming musicians?

“A good musician practices until they can play the song right, a great musician practices until they can’t get it wrong.

“Stick at it, the work is out there. You don’t need to be mega famous to make a living doing what you love.

“Be the best you can and never stop learning, play with as many different people as possible and it will happen.”


The bulk of the band’s work are private and corporate events, such as weddings and parties but they do also put on a range of public performances “[the shows] are always fun and we really enjoy them,” explained Hullabaloo.

“Once a year we put on our own Christmas show, in Whitstable, which is always a great night.”


If you are hoping to see Hullabaloo, whether you want something sophisticated and classy, or would rather the dance floor erupt, visit their website for full details of upcoming shows or email the band on [email protected]. You can also follow the group on Facebook @Hullabaloouk. Upcoming shows locally: Strode Park Foundation, Friday 1st July; Herne Bay Pier, Sunday 28th July.

by Callum Knowles

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