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A Hamboard sounds like something we might have consumed between courses over the gluttonous festive period but after speaking with Marie and Paul Evans of SUP & Skate Margate we can confirm that a Hamboard isn’t a savoury treat but a curious mode of transport.


Hamboards is a brand of surfskate, what’s a surfskate you ask? We had to ask the same question but the friendly couple obliged informing us that Surf Skates are similar to skateboards or longboards but with different trucks “designed to give the feeling of surfing but on land”. If you have the pleasure of walking across Margate seafront as part of your daily commute you may see Paul whizzing on by on his Hamboard using his land paddle to propel him in some style to his shop which has been open on Elephant Hill since July 2020. If you’ve got a new year, new you vibe about you and potentially new sport in mind then why not head to SUP & Skate?


Marie and Paul are in their own words “all about ‘boards’, stand up paddle boards, longboards, surf skate boards, mountain boards, belly boards, snowboards you name the board, we love them”. With SUP & Skate they’ve turned their passion into a business, a business which has been received well by locals and visitors alike in its short lifetime here in Margate. As well as an impressive product range the couple also offer their expertise and advice to those seeking such things. Classes on how to use these boards can take place on Hamboards around the clocktower or out in the North Sea or Plucks Gutter on paddle boards.


“We have had the pleasure in teaching people of all ages and physical ability and the feedback has been phenomenal. We keep our class sizes to a minimum which ensures that every customer has a personal experience with SUP & Skate Margate.”


Marie and Paul know the effects getting out on these boards can have on you, aside from being a fine workout keeping you fit physically and mentally they also put a smile on your face. “There is nothing better in this world than being able to take time for yourself, switching off from everyday life for a while and doing something physically and mentally rewarding at the same time”. So, if 2021 was a boring year for you why not make 2022 a boarding year and a take a class on sea or on land at SUP & Skate Margate?


CommunityAd will be checking on Marie and Paul later in the year as they have some plans that the community will want to read about. In the meantime, find out more on their website or Facebook @supskatemargate.

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