Sting like a Luke and fly like a Doreen – Hartley Wintney & Hook

Doreen Watts, one of Hook’s most well-loved residents took on the challenge of an indoor Skydive to raise money for ‘In Aimee’s name’, a charity set up in Aimee Clayton’s name by her family following her devasting passing following a car crash.

The lovely Doreen Watts who is an incredible 82 years old, took on the indoor Skydive on 12 January 2020 and raised an amazing £250.00 for ‘In Aimee’s name’ and she is certainly a daredevil having loved the Indoor Skydive at the Basingstoke IFly; she even took her certificate to show Aimee’s family who have named her as one of their official ‘nutty supporters’.


Doreen (pictured below) is not alone in her bravery as Aimee’s brother Luke is not diving into thin air but instead stepping into the boxing ring.

Luke (pictured above) is deep in training, giving himself just the one day off a week “It’s extremely hard work I won’t lie, but I get such a buzz from it”. Luke has had incredible support from the community who have donated generously to both In Aimee’s name and Cancer Research. “Both these charities are very personal to me, as they are for a lot of people. So please know that if you are sponsoring me, I am putting in blood sweat and more sweat (no tears) for your generous donations”.

“After the loss of Aimee and an emotionally tough breakup shortly after, I had to find something to throw all my time into. Partly as a distraction, partly so I didn’t spiral into a deep depression. So, I re-signed up to the Alton sports centre gym in July 2018. This in turn got me hooked on exercising and improving myself. Whilst I was at the gym one day, I came across a poster advertising the UWCB (ultra-white-collar boxing) event”.

Luke had had a keen interest in boxing for several years, stating Manny Pacquiao as his favourite fighter, the man of the moment Tyson Fury in a close second place. Fury’s heroic comeback from personal struggles to become world champion “really resonates with me after the personal struggles me and my family have been through the last two years”.

What do you think Aimee would say if she could see you walking out to the ring?

What do you mean “if she could see me”? She will see me. I carry her around inside of me. She comes everywhere with me and see’s everything I see. When I’m struggling during my training (or any other reason for that matter) she’s the reason I pick myself back up and absolutely smash whatever obstacles are in my way. I know she’s proud of me and I feel sorry for whoever I’m fighting knowing I have Aimee behind me for strength. They don’t stand a chance.

If you’d like to sponsor Luke head to his fundraising page –

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