Making music with Molly Walford AKA Biddle

Music is just one of those things that life won’t quit, no matter what corner of the globe you explore, there will always be music in one form or another.


Traversing the local music scene is always a joy and, in this edition, we delve into the mind of 17-year-old up and coming singer/songwriter Molly Walford, who also goes by the stage name Biddle, to find out some of her early inspirations and what the future might hold.


Launching her career at The Forum’s under 18’s open mic in 2018, Molly has gone on to play at a number of different venues, gaining her first support act slot opening for the talented Jerry Williams, and her biggest achievement to date, supporting Chloe Moriondo’s 2019 sold out London tour at Thousand Island.


Speaking about her early influences Molly told us: “My family has always been very musical, and I grew up listening to a lot of music of all different genres and styles. Chloe Moriondo is someone I had idolised for a while and who inspired me to start doing music.

“My dad enjoyed artists like Adele and Amy Winehouse, my mum liked Michael Jackson, while my Nan often listened and introduced me to classical music, like Mozart. My mum also often DJ’d while I was growing up, meaning I got to attend DJ festivals and parties from a young age, and even got to have a spin on her decks at times! I loved doing karaoke growing up, especially on holiday. I also joined the school choir and learnt clarinet at a young age.

“Growing up around so much musicality definitely helped to inspire a later passion in the music industry.”


Molly has been writing her own music since 2018 after being inspired by artists like Dodie and Moriondo and told us: “the main reason I began writing was to deal with my mental health issues, and grieving the loss of my dad.

“So, the main thing I want to get across through my music is a message of comfort and support to anyone who can relate to the lyrics and slot them into their life somewhere,” explains Molly.


With her songs generally falling under indie music, the 17-year-old singer/songwriter keeps an open mind into exploring different genres and follows what feels natural in the music, with her older stuff having more of an indie-pop sound and her new music bringing a more alternate vibe.


“I base all of my songs on personal experiences, from grief, to heartbreak, to homophobia, to love. It’s very rare for me to ever sit down and decide I’m going to write a song. I only ever write when I’m inspired, usually filled with emotion and using it as a form of expression.

“I’ll find a tune, start singing whatever comes to mind until I find a pattern in the lyrics, and go from there. It usually takes me around 24 hours to write a song I’m happy with, but it can also take weeks sometimes.”


What are some of the joys you get from being involved in music and singing?

“Music has always been the thing I’ve turned to during any moment of my life, whether that be suffering, happiness, nostalgia, significance, or pretty much any emotion I feel; there’s always a song for it. The fact that I’m able to not only listen to but create music as a way to express my feelings and spread the messages that I feel people may need to hear, and that that is something I’ll always have, fills me with so much hope and joy.”


What is the best advice you’ve been given and would pass onto any budding musicians?

“Do music because you love it, only write when you’re inspired, don’t be scared to stand out and be different, reach out and make yourself known to local promoters and venues.”


Who are some of your greatest inspirations and if you could work with an artist alive or dead, who would it be?

“Some of my greatest current inspirations in music are Ren, Greentea Peng, Rex Orange County, Billie Eilish and Alfie Templeman. Working with any of those artists would be a dream! Collaborating with other people and musicians is definitely something I’d like to delve into more in 2022.

“If I was stranded on an island with a choice of only 3 albums, mine would be Happier Than Ever – Billie Eilish; Ctrl – Sza; and Pony – Rex Orange Country.”


To find out more about Molly Walford (AKA Biddle) you can visit her YouTube channel ‘Biddle’ and join over 44k other subscribers and keep up to date with new releases and upcoming gigs.

by Callum Knowles

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