Lionmede Bowls Club Springfield’s 70th anniversary

If you’re looking for a way to stay fit why not take up lawn bowls and join Lionmede Bowls in our anniversary year?


Club Captain Rob Duncombe has spoken to CommunityAd and he provided further helpful information about Lionmede Bowls Club and answered some questions to explain more.


Tell me about your role as club captain, Rob.

This will be my 4th year as captain. I took on the role of vice captain after only a year at the club and then got proposed as captain. I have a number of responsibilities including the running of the weekend friendly fixtures and the Friday evening inter-club triples competition. It is an honour to be captain in what is a special 70th anniversary year for the club and its members.


Where exactly is the bowls club situated?

We are part of the Lionmede recreational park located on Sandford Road, Chelmsford. We are in a lovely park setting between the tennis courts. Members have access to the car park.


You mentioned health benefits of bowling could you give more information?

CommunityAd Exclusive - Lionmede Bowls Club Springfield's 70th anniversaryBowling is a great way to stay active. During a typical match you can walk well over a mile but it’s at a gentle pace in short stints. You also get a workout as you perfect your bowling technique using your arm and leg muscles as you bowl. Your overall wellbeing is improved being out in the fresh air and we also have a diary of social events throughout the year.


Bowling is just for old people, isn’t it?

Absolutely not. I want to dispel that myth. Bowling is a great game for everyone and once you get the bug you’re hooked. My wife Clare and myself were still working when we joined. There are ample opportunities for people of working age as we have weekend friendly matches as well as some competition games in the evenings. It worked well for us when we first joined.


Will you be looking for new members to join the club?

We currently have about 40 playing members plus a number of social members. We are always open to new members of all abilities. We offer instruction and guidance for inexperienced bowlers. We would welcome experienced bowlers too. If necessary we can provide new bowlers with a set of woods which can be offered for sale at very reasonable prices. I always make myself known to any new members to ensure they are okay and settling in well.


What are your joining fees and match fees?

Our annual membership fee is currently £120 (first year £60). Match fees are £3 per match but we do not charge for practice sessions or for our Friday evening triples competition. That is an inter-club competition.


How do I find out more about the club?

You can visit our website at and you can follow us on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter).

We will be holding an open day on 4th May or you can call us on 07342 749154 and we can arrange a taster session at the club at no cost.

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