Kings Hill and West Malling Eco Hub

In the last five years, there’s been an identifiable shift of attitudes in regards to living an eco-friendlier life, with a focus on single-use plastics and the current wastefulness surrounding us as a species. We caught up with Kings Hill and West Malling Eco Hub, a place for likeminded eco-warriors to join forces, share and celebrate all the great things happening in the local area to help the environment, in order to find out a little bit more about their mission goals and how local residents can get involved.


The Eco Hub, which originally started as a Facebook group in Autumn 2019 set up by Kings Hill resident Becky Comber, is now a hub also run by Laura Dowsett from West Malling, and both are keen on living eco-friendlier lives and bringing the community together to do so.


Speaking to CommunityAd the duo told us more about the hub, which is part of a network including Rochester, Maidstone, Rainham and Gillingham, explaining: “We want to do our bit for the planet, have some fun while we do it and get to know others in the community along the way. We are both working mums and run the eco hub in our spare time, when we can find it.”


Since the duo met in Autumn 2020, the group became the eco hub we now know today who have since been carrying out a number of community-based projects.


Speaking on some of the ways they have engaged with the community so far, the hub told us: “We have run a litter picking campaign this Spring with huge support from the amazing Kent Litter Pickers where over 1600 bags of litter were picked by volunteers. We also did a Freecycling event in June in West Malling where residents gave away preloved items and we are engaging with schools to help them with their Eco School activities and are supporting the new wildflower meadow at St Mary’s Church in West Malling.”


How important is it that we try to live as much of an eco-friendly life as possible?

“We are all starting in different places and there is always something more we can do. We hope to encourage and inspire everyone to keep taking small steps towards a more sustainable life.

“Top tips? Go veggie for one more meal a week! Buy some Tupperware, plastic lids or beeswax wraps and cut down your use of cling film. Leave the car at home for one day a week and get on your bike, walk or run. Make your next item of clothing one made of natural fibres rather than plastic fibres. Be open minded to trying new things, share your tips for saving carbon on our Eco hub and inspire others!

“We are currently planning for the Great Big Green Week 18th-26th September when we hope to hold another freecycle event, a community get together, litter picks and more.”


To keep up to date and to get involved with the Kings Hill and West Malling Eco Hub find them on Facebook today @kingshillandwestmallingecohub.

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