Floating Yoga: Yoga & Meditation in Herne Bay

Lucy French is the Founder of Floating Yoga in Herne Bay.


CommunityAd Exclusive - Floating Yoga: Yoga & Meditation in Herne BayWith her classes taking place at both Broomfield United Reformed Church and Beach Creative CIC, we spoke to Lucy to find out more about the phenomenal practice of yoga.


To readers who might not know, can you explain your background in yoga and what made you start up Floating Yoga?

My name is Lucy and I offer yoga, meditation, Reiki and sound healing locally. I grew up on the River Thames and come from a boating family; my family run a passenger boat company in Berkshire. I grew up next to the river and even lived on a boat for a few years. I was teaching yoga in South West London and originally planned to offer my yoga on board a wide beam canal boat in the area. However, the universe had other plans for me and I ended up moving to Herne Bay in spring 2021 along with my business, already named ‘Floating Yoga’. I love the name and feel in many ways, it drew me to the seaside in Kent. Floating Yoga as a brand is dear to me as it’s part of where I came from, and where I am, and is a nice nod to my water roots. As well as yoga and meditation I am also a qualified Y12SR (Yoga for 12-step recovery) leader and have worked with people suffering from addiction in my professional background.


Can you tell us more about your classes and what makes your yoga unique to other yoga practices?

I feel I offer a really wide range of classes, making my offering unique. I currently offer yoga, meditation, sound baths, restorative workshops and Reiki. I will be adding new classes to my timetable this year as well as the return of my restorative yin yoga class. I feel that the offerings at Floating Yoga belong to ‘us’ as a collective. Floating Yoga isn’t just mine, it’s for all who want to be a part of it. It’s practicing together, as a community that makes it what it is. Our classes are welcoming and beginner-friendly (as well as for those who wish to have a stronger practice). I always offer adaptations and encourage you to mindfully move at your own pace, led by the breath.

I know what it can feel like to turn up somewhere new and feel anxious to step inside that new space and try something for the first time. I still find this a challenge! I am empathetic and take time and care to welcome everyone, particularly newbies, making them feel comfortable and supported before and during the session. For new students and regulars, I am always contactable before you attend, just for a chat, or if you need some reassurance!


For any interested readers thinking of contacting you about joining, can you tell us what yoga has personally helped you with and the overall benefits of yoga?

I have, like so many of us, suffered with depression and anxiety throughout most of my adult life. Yoga helped me find belonging and acceptance, and express my creativity in a way that was so much more than just functional exercise that I had found mindless in the past.

Approaching challenges on the mat without judgement or expectation has been one of the most useful life lessons for my life off the mat too. It improves my confidence, and most importantly helps me find presence and connection in my life.

For me, yoga has become a way of life. The word yoga means ‘union’ and I think that sentiment is one I try to bring to my offerings as part of our collective at Floating Yoga.

What makes Herne Bay a perfect location for practicing yoga?

If you like the idea of practicing yoga outdoors overlooking the sea, we have had some wonderful outdoor summer yoga practices in the last couple of years, so do look out for those again on my website this summer! Of course, there’s the sea, the beautiful scenery, the fresh air and the countryside, but for me, it’s the people! I moved here in 2021 knowing no one and have met so many wonderful people through Floating Yoga, many of whom have become brilliant friends.


Do you have any future goals for Floating Yoga over the next 5-10 years?

I am off to India and Sri Lanka to study for my 300-hour advanced teacher training this spring, so I can deepen my practice in my commitment to learning and being ‘forever the student’. I look forward to bringing these offerings home to my students, both current and future, and passing on the teachings I learn. I will also be studying in India for my pre/postnatal yoga teaching qualification and will be offering pre/postnatal classes this summer. I am going to be offering a brand new accessible chair yoga class in the summer as well as the return of my Restorative Yin yoga class which I am looking forward to. I am also excited to be offering some brand new classes in Whitstable as well as in Herne Bay from spring 2024.

I am in the initial stages of creating an online offering that I hope to be able to grow into an app, with yoga, meditation and sleep stories, so that people can also benefit from the practices from the comfort of their own homes. There will be live online sessions as well as pre-recorded ones and they will range from longer workshops to shorter meditations to fit in with busy schedules.

In the long term, my goal is to open my own studio space locally, with a real emphasis on connecting with the community. I want the space to be unintimidating, real and authentic. My mission will be for everyone to feel welcome. As well as current offerings, including yoga flow, pregnancy yoga, meditation and sound baths, I hope to be able to utilise my Yoga for 12-step Recovery training further and offer classes for people suffering with addiction issues. I also hope to offer a donation-based class for people whose financial situation may not allow them to access practices such as yoga and meditation on a regular basis, if at all. I’d also love to include a chair yoga/adaptive class on the timetable as well as collaborate with other local practitioners to offer a wide range of dynamic and creative yoga and meditation classes.


To find out more and book a class, go online and visit the website and socials or call the number below: 

Website: www.floatingyoga.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07411 775150

Instagram: @floatingyogagirl

Facebook: @floatingyogaforall

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