Faversham’s Drive Time voice: DJ Adam Mills

Scott Mills of the BBC might be one of the nation’s favourite DJ’s but here in Faversham another Mills sits at the helm of the radio throne, and that is Radio Faversham’s Drive Time host Adam Mills.

The young, passionate DJ speaks openly to CommunityAd telling us that “radio is my life” and that his fascination with radio and hosting a show started at a very young age, and confesses to performing pretend shows in his house at the age of twelve. There is no need for him to pretend anymore, Adam is Faversham’s real deal and an all-round community man as we found out.

Adam, was there any particular DJ that inspired you when you were younger, your namesake Scott Mills, perhaps?

James Hemming I woke up to growing up when he was on Invicta FM, and then Heart. However, it was Chris Moyles mainly who inspired me to get into radio from when he was on Radio One.


How long have you been a part of Faversham radio? What do you enjoy most about speaking directly to the community?

I first started off on The Isle Of Sheppey’s Community Radio Sheppey FM 92.2 in 2014, and am still there to this day. Community radio in particular is very, very important, we focus on local events only and all local events taking place, we have a good bunch of presenters on the station. I am very proud to be a part of Radio Faversham.

I joined Faversham Radio in July 2017, and have been here ever since, the thing I enjoy most about speaking to Faversham is knowing people are enjoying what I do and taking part in the show. I present the Drive Time show so I am the main focus of getting people home from work so I’m right at the heart of the community. I enjoy giving Faversham a voice.


Why is local radio so important to communities such as Faversham?

Local radio is the future! Local radio gets the voice of Faversham heard hence our slogan “Giving Faversham a Voice”. Local radio gives the local advertisers a chance to tell the community about their businesses, we also have local groups drop in and tell us about their events. As a station we have also been out in the community ourselves at The Transport Weekend, and The Christmas Market.


Finally, Desert Island Discs time, if you were stuck on a desert island what three singles would you want with you?

Anything by Guns N Roses, Metallica and AC/DC will get me through it!


Tune in to your local radio station to hear Faversham’s Drive Time show and enjoy the conversation with Adam and co; find them online at
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