Carpets for Kids in Thanet

There are certain things in life we undoubtedly take for granted, like having shoes on our feet and shirts on our back, but have you ever thought about the soft carpet you walk on?


Well, that doesn’t come cheap as I’m sure you are aware, but have you ever thought about families who can’t afford what is considered a luxury in many places?


Carpets for Kids is an initiative set up by local Thanet resident and dad of two James Thomas, 34, which took shape after James posted on Facebook sharing that he had a 4mx4m cut of carpet that he had no use for.


Wanting to give the carpet to a family who were struggling, James was inspired by his grandfather who purchased new carpet for James when his family were facing financial problems after his first child was born 13 years ago. James was met with such a huge response, totalling over 2,500 reactions, that it inspired him to start his own flooring company.


James spoke to us at CommunityAd explaining: “Carpets for Kids is a limited company just like any other company, I supply and fit flooring but I also do the free carpets. I am looking into payment plans so that I can help families who are struggling financially because flooring is not cheap. So far, I have provided 4 families with free flooring. I have fitted 3 bedrooms with gripper carpet and underlay completely free of charge and I have also done the same in a lounge.

“Fitting the free flooring makes a huge impact on the lives of the families in many ways. It gives children somewhere comfortable and safe to live and play and also helps keep the place warm saving money heating bills etc. As I rely heavily on donations I can only help as many people as the donations will allow.”


To help James provide flooring for as many families as possible, make your way over to Carpets for Kids on Facebook today and either donate or ask James how you can help.

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