Can Herne Bay help support New Hope Animal Rescue?

Times are tough for almost everyone right now, most of us are in the same expensive ship just barely treading water.


Most of our readers will be aware of the amazing work that New Hope Animal Rescue carry out, constantly rescuing and finding better futures for these amazing animals. However, the volume of animals needing help from New Hope has recently greatly intensified.


Some of you might already know the complex and challenging medical cases that the rescue takes on, resulting in rocketing vet bills. New Hope Animal Rescue are an independent non-destruct rescue dedicated to helping animals on death row and those with medical and or behavioural needs.


The rescue explained on their fundraising page they have not long managed to clear a vet bill of over £7,000 for one month’s vet work, and it’s quickly building up again. As mentioned earlier, it’s a tough time for almost everyone financially and we know not everyone will be able to donate. But any pennies that you can spare will go a long way to helping the rescue keep their vet bills paid and continues to help as many animals in need as they can.


So, if you are able to help in any way possible please do make your way over to New Hope Animal Rescue’s GoFundMe. To find out more about the rescue, you can visit or visit them on Facebook @NHARescue.

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