Braintree Gardeners – Plant and seed swap

Gardening is a wonderful, positive hobby that is hugely beneficial to one’s mental health and is a wonderful way to grow food locally whilst improving local wildlife and environment.


During lockdown, one local resident had a lot of time on her hands after her normal job as a wedding photographer was put on hold due to the pandemic. When Gemma Giorgio got her own garden, she found it was a place she could keep busy, relax, save money and enjoy herself.

The idea of the group came about as last year Gemma had been collecting and sharing seeds/cuttings with family and friends, she really enjoyed doing this and it also helped to save money in the garden.

CommunityAd spoke to the lovely Gemma about the benefits of the Braintree Gardeners group and what she hopes it will become.


Do you enjoy gardening yourself/are you a gardener?

I love gardening and even more so since I got my own garden, it is like an ongoing project. Over the last year, my little garden has kept me busy and has been a place for me to relax. Prior to having my own garden, I took real joy in growing house plants, my collection is still slowly growing.


What is the aim of the Braintree Gardeners group? How important is the community aspect of the group?

The aim of the group is to share seeds/cuttings/plants/knowledge and for members to become better gardeners, me included. I would also love to raise awareness about how we can all do our bit for the environment and create wildlife-friendly gardens.


Is the group good for beginners who want to learn about gardening?  

Yes, all skill levels from beginner to pro are welcome, because we can learn from each other, share ideas and what we are currently growing; the group is for anyone that has an interest in gardening.


Is there anything special/helpful that you have learnt since starting the group?

I’ve picked up several gardening tips from the group. One tip, in particular, being that mint should be planted in its own pot because its roots can take over and get everywhere, keeping it contained helps this.


Do you hope that the group will grow? Have you got any plans for the group as more people join?

Yes, I do hope the group will grow, with more people there will be more knowledge in the group and more opportunities for swaps. As the group continues to grow, I will encourage members to share what they are up to in their gardens to help inspire each other.


As lockdown restrictions ease do you think the group will meet up occasionally?

I hadn’t thought about this, who knows what the future may hold!


If you are interested in joining the group, please go search for the ‘Braintree Gardeners Group’ on Facebook and request to join.

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