A Parent Apart – Ramsgate Author’s Debut

‘A Parent Apart’ is a new crime thriller meets tragic drama released by Ramsgate author Gary Wright.


The book sees a mother and a father take their daughter to the beach with her friend, and only one of the children comes home alive. It asks questions of us all – what would we do in the circumstances that present themselves? How would we react? And how would we deal with it as the bereaved parents?


CommunityAd caught up with Gary, 38, to find out a little more about his recent release and the inspiration behind it.


Gary explains how he found his passion for writing through some turmoil of his own: “11 years ago, I suffered several cardiac arrests as a result of an undiagnosed, hereditary and incurable disease of the heart. It is a disease that is normally diagnosed after you have died from it, so I am incredibly lucky to still be here.

“I was a police officer at the time and had to retire from the job that I loved at the age of 29, and I made a promise to myself that I would write a book. I’ve done it now, and have edited it, created the cover and published it all by myself. For that reason, and with the exception of my two children, it is my proudest accomplishment.”


Gary has harboured a passion for writing ever since he could hold a pen, reminiscing how he put together an anthology of poetry at the age of just ten; but it’s also more than just a hobby.


The Ramsgate author added: “Writing is so much more than a passion – it is an outlet for me. My ill health meant that I couldn’t play sport any more, and having to give all of that up so suddenly was incredibly difficult. Writing filled the void like nothing else could and I am so grateful that something so fundamental as words, sentences and paragraphs helped me overcome what was a very difficult time.”


If you could only read three books for the rest of your life what would they be?

“To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is the most complete book that I have ever read, so much that I don’t want to read the follow up for fear of tainting my view of it. It is perfection.

“The Woman in Black by Susan Hill is darkly atmospheric, full of tension and a masterclass in telling a story in as few pages as possible. A brilliant, brilliant book.

“Finally, An Evil Cradling by Brian Keenan. A nonfiction classic that details the author’s captivity in Beirut when he was held hostage by militia for over four years. A must read for everyone.”


You can find Gary’s paperback version and Kindle version of the book on Amazon by searching ‘A Parent Apart’ on the Amazon book store today, or by clicking here.

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